01/28/22 Livestream Transcript

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January 28th Livestream Transcription

– Intrepid Studios provides their first update for 2022, diving into updates on Character Races

Quick Updates: 

    • Planning to have level cap go up to 35 for Alpha 2
    • Early Character creation will be shown next month.
    • 6 New Hires in the month of January.
    • New Races + Character Models unveiled.

Studio Update: Great start to the new year, had a great kickoff this January with all the new hires- We’ve had 6 new hires so far. We’re still waiting for a few pieces of furniture and the beautification of the office before we do a Studio Tour on stream for the community.

Design Team Update: We have been re-iterating a lot of systems since Alpha 1. Plenty of design discussions have been taking place in the large conference room meeting. Recently we’ve been delving into the economic impact that nodes will have, mayors having to account for resources they keep track of, trade relationships between nodes, predominance of economic volume between player to player transactions and so much more. We’re also very excited to debut the new changes to combat to the community. Tweaking the augment system, the signature style of each of the classes, tons of planning over hybrid classes and their impact, so much going into Alpha 2 as a whole. So we’re making sure we get all our ducks in order. 

Instancing is a great tool to prevent Zerging- However instancing will be very limited in Ashes of Creation. However for Castle Sieges, we’re planning to have it instanced for 2 groups that are competing over the castle siege- Short instance battles that influence the larger battle is something we are considering. As always, having transparent development has resulted in us being able to show you things every step of the way so that you as players can compare our progress from every single test we’ve had up until this point. At the same time, engineering has been leading the charge in producing all the various tools and resources that the different departments need to speed up the development process.

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