10/29/21 Livestream Transcript

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October 29th Livestream Transcription

– Intrepid Studios provides a updates towards Alpha 2 Milestone progress

Quick Updates:

    • 24 Hour Livestream Nov 6 – 7th (Extra Life – Rady Children’s Hospital)
    • Developers had a great time celebrating Halloween at the studio.
    • Announcement of Halloween Contest Winners: https://i.imgur.com/S7qCsrR.png

Studio Update: Things have been chugging along, not too much to say on the studio front. We’ve passed the research phase and are now at the iteration phase for Alpha 2. We are now finally back into the studio and waiting for some final artistic touches to the studio. Hiring has been going incredibly well with numerous hires excited to work in-person on the project. The tech work has moved onto feature builds since the Alpha 1, moving towards the Alpha 2 milestone has been incredibly exciting for us. Just a heads up though, you won’t be seeing the real systems and changes for a while as they are being worked on, but you can still see the art updates as we continue to run passes over our work.

Design Update: Design has also been working on identifying the changes we want to make based on the Alpha 1 test for this past month and a half. Next, we’ve been having meetings to discuss how dungeons must change and be interactive, what technology is available currently or what tools we need to build in order to create the constantly changing dungeons which get altered when nearby nodes are destroyed and more. We’re also going to be showing building destruction tech later once it is ready. We’re also planning for Mounts to interact with the seasons from a visual standpoint.

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