11/19/21 Livestream Transcript

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November 19th Livestream Transcription

– Intrepid Studios provides a short development update

(This month’s transcript is shorter as the 24 hour livestream was held recently. As such, little new information or content was shared)


We have been having a lot of design discussion over combat, where it is right now and where we want it to be before Alpha 2 goes up. We’ve had a lot of lively and passionate discussions with the design teams on that front. In Alpha 1 you saw a lot of minor changes, but there will be a TON of large changes coming to combat before Alpha 2. A large portion of the discussion has been around the camera- How it works in action combat vs tab combat and how unifying the approach might work. Additionally we’ve been discussing combat with performance, having universal hitboxes so that tiny characters would not have an advantage in action combat. 

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