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December 6th Discord QnA

– Steven clarifies BR monetization, Castle Siege information, Apocalypse concerns, Funding for Battle Royale servers.

Q: What happens on finding the second sandal?
A: Finding the second easter egg sandal makes something interesting happen. (Sarcasm)

Q: Will we have a separate inventory storage for all these 70+ costumes?
A: Cosmetics will not share inventory space with in-game items. Also There will not be a limit on the space allowed for cosmetic items.

Q: Why is the new cloak not black?
A: The cloak (new december cosmetic wolf pelt costume) is not black because otherwise they’d have to be selling it.

Q: Regarding creation of cosmetics for MMORPG and Apocalypse.
A: Unique cosmetics that can only be earned through apocalypse and they want to make sure Process of cosmetic assets will split up later on in development around Q4 2019. A separate team will be creating assets for Apocalypse.

Q: Will we have healers in the castle siege?
A: Yes, there will be healing skills in the support version of the class. Supports will focus on 2 things, Buffs/Debuffs based on proximinty and projectile use. Target a location and launch a projectile that provides buffs/debuffs. Proximity based healing bursts/grenades that grant life to allies.

Q: How are comms going to work in Castle Siege?
A: If you are in a raid of multiple squads for castle siege, the leaders will be able to communicate across all member squads (Structured comms available) 5 will have global speech capacity and individual parties will have their own intervoice communication. + Party members can hear other squad leaders as well with the global voice.

Q: Some things feel closer to the EA mentality, however testing is being shuffled to create Apocalypse. (Regarding UE4 etc.) is apocalypse a focal point of the game now? Since the core product is completely funded from kickstarter?
A: The development of the core viable product is 100% there and done. The hiring of additional team members etc is taken care of. However as we added a new additional testing phase (Apocalypse). When we addressed community concerns regarding combat and the number of players on screen, we ended up having to move up a lot of testing earlier up the pipeline to test these server systems. Due to this, we’ve been forced to switch to high end server hosting with cloud backend so that we can do this large scale testing earlier, going up to hundreds of thousands of players. As such it makes sense to account for a monetization strategy to account for this expensive testing phase.

In Addition to that, before we named it Apocalypse there was a lot of confusion regarding the game being an BR, hence it became important to distinguish the two, so we had to make a lot of assets and marketing to separate apocalypse from the MMORPG so as to not give players the wrong idea. However at the same time everything feeds into the MMORPG. Hence we decided to make apocalypse a viable product on its own to provide data for the main game, this is important to provide a high quality product, as such it required a proper monetization method. Additionally the monetization method is very friendly and has a lot of perks for all types of players. Once again, the MMORPG is on schedule and they are meeting all their milestones.

(TL;DR Pushing the large scale testing up this early benefits the future of the game immensely)

Q: Will guild systems be in for the Castle Siege as soon as it goes up?
A: The guild mode may not be available immediately however they will be there definitely, especially 100% before it is made open to the public. Initially grouping will also be restricted to 4 initially, However all of this will be sorted before it leaves A1 testing.

Q: Do you have any plans for a leaderboard in the castle siege?
A: Yes, we have a plans for it. The test going live today will also have leaderboards to show stats etc. One of the unique features of castle siege is that you will be able to filter by guild and see the particular performance of their members.

Q: Concerns regarding Aimbotting headshots etc?
A: We’re implementing EasyAntiCheat, we’re not the type of devs to shove 3rd party code in. We’ll be analyzing it and using it to build on it to create a better anti-hack system to counter hackers etc (Such as the speedhacks during the Battle Royale)

Q: Will cheaters be hardware ID banned?
A: Cheaters are punished via an escalation process, they will be IP banned

Q: EU friendlier testing times?
A: Current stage not as important for those times. US devs its hard. December 18th onwards ofcourse will be friendly towards all regions as 24×7 testing. However right now it needs to be during our (USA) hours.

Q: How do you expect Apocalypse to be able to compete with other BR games?
A: Scalability of the servers dictates price. Meaning higher load = More expensive. Lower load = Less pricing. This way we dont have to worry about costs too much. Regarding competing, we are going to be offering 3 different modes (Castle/Horde/BR) which are unique enough and its something that others arent offering. Our visuals and graphic fidelity is much higher and more of an appeal towards people that are not just restricted to one type of combat like magic (spellbreak etc).

Q: Will it be possible for us to see caravan play next week?
A: No. Particular issue with caravans currently, as there are 2 types of caravans, player caravans and NPC caravans. Players can store stuff in storage points such as nodes/warehouses etc. The storage points are not set up yet, hence its an issue. We are planning on merging caravan HP with player HP to make it one system (Potentially if player dies, caravan dies). Technical issues etc. The above wasnt meant to be shared, unintentional leak. Steven has had Jeff overlay all the BR things on the MMORPG world to prove and show players how everything is utilized for the end goal.

Q: Direwolves when?
A: Direwolves will be implemented when they are ready. Havent touched that model yet.

Q: Regarding leaderboards, will we be moving away from Alpha ID’s to actual accounts?
A: You’ll be able to use your accounts come December 18th. ]

Q: Regarding Intrepid/My.com account syncing
A: If Intrepid users would like to play on My.com they can elect to transfer their Intrepid held accounts to that service. Wont be available immediately but 100% before Alpha 1.

Q: Show castle siege map please
A: Will be shown as soon as Steven is comfortable sharing it

Q: What is your opinion on macroing?
A: If game requires macroing, its a bit monotonous, gameplay needs adjustment to a point where its not as predictable to have macros. Generally dislike macros, no answer to that right now. Text macros not a problem, just skill macros.

Q: Will players be able to solo and self sustain/survive?
A: Yes.

Q: Sustainability with consumables?
A: Potions will augment sustainability, also dont want players to rely on them i.e. dont want players to spam HP potions, want self sustain without them. Possibly cooldowns or usage limit to keep spamming potions in check. Will work on in testing. Dont want HP pot spamming in PvP etc as it promotes RMT as whales buy them from other players.

Q: Spamming HP potion ammo with potion launcher healing, any counters?
A: We are not looking to integrate skill usage into a particular weapon, so I cant say we’ll have that feature. However in regards to castle sieges and horde mode, we’ll be testing certain features. So we’re tying certain MMORPG skills into activateable skills on weapon types within apocalypse. So theoretically we could apply them to a weapon such as potion launcher or wand.

Q: Possibility to have a blog that explains different augments/classes/systems etc?
A: Yes.

Q: Regarding apocalypse and alpha 1, at one point both will be up simultaneously. Will combat etc be copied over or how is it going to work?
A: Apocalypse will stay full action combat. Alpha 1 will have first iteration of hybrid combat, will change over time during Alpha 1 and Alpha 2. Apocalypse will stay action combat.

Q: (Un-intelligible question)
A: We want to collect data on reaction time, latency, action combat and different spells. Tracking of client registries for data, player movement interpolation and hitscan/projectile etc. Cant tell you exactly what it will look like eventually, but as we move forward and collect data, we’ll be setting up what we call the verticle slice of hybrid combat within the game.

Q: Are you concerned about the large amount of cosmetics being added to the pipeline?
A: The cosmetics offered in apocalypse are not of the quality of the monthly pre-order packages. The monthly packages are a one-off type cosmetic that requires specific modelling/texturing etc. Within apocalypse however, models etc are very similar and these are created for one particular suit with 40-50 pieces of attachments such as shoulder pads, theming etc. So the way it works for Apocalypse is that one plate texture has multiple variants/colours so from a production standpoint its very minimal and is in the hands of the texture team. Does not impact or harm the pipeline of store cosmetics.

Q: Custom modes in castle siege so we can try out different things and test?
A: Ability to host a session, wont be available immediately, however you can duel (Challenge) particular guild/individual to a match and you would host a server dedicated for it.

Q: Have you managed to stop the storm circle in the BR?
A: Currently there’s 2 models of the client. One for public, one for devs, the one for public doesnt have console commands. However the one for devs does, this lets us disable the circle.

Q: Regarding dyeing of cosmetics?
A: Yes, will be able to dye specific pieces or entire outfits.

Q: New mount similar to the Dawnbreaker?
A: Pridestalker has lion head, Dawnbreaker has owl head, bear body, butterfly wing. The difference is visual primarily. The arctic prowler is more aligned with traditional owl bear. The wings alone make kickstarter mount very different,

Q: Will we be seeing the pre-order cosmetics within apocalypse as time goes on?
A: Yes, 100%. Lets us test clipping/models etc before we even get to the game.

Q: Regarding in-game voice chat
A: No proximity chat within Apocalypse. Only group chat.

Q: Regarding BR voice chat bug
A: Its a bug where your unique ID would let you speak to players in a different match. So we’ve added a new server ID tag to avoid it.

“I just want everyone to know that it is beyond measure, important to have apocalypse as a test mode as it greatly helps the MMORPG. There are going to be a lot of people who are currently not part of the community who will come later and this strengthens everything.” – Steven

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