2/14/19 Discord QnA

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February 14th Discord QnA

– Steven shares more on Flying Mounts, The producer’s letter and Steam.

Q: How’s the producers letter coming Steven, will we see it this week?
A: Not this week. Most likely this month, but as I stated, I am waiting on some answers before I can complete the letter

Q: Just to round off the topic from earlier, will the resources in the castles possession get captured or deleted upon successful siege?
A: A Castle retains its resources as they are separate from the guild that currently owns it.

Q: Regarding the secret runic present in the weapons of Apocalypse
A: Keep it secret, Keep it safe

Q: Regarding the new crystal tentacle mount and it walking/gliding.
A: Its movement will feel more like a glide/hover above the ground.

Q: Gliding mounts are pretty cool. Glad we won’t have too many actual flying mounts.
A: Each server will likely have a dozen or so flying battlemounts at any given time.

Q: Speaking of flying mounts, the timed drops of flying mounts. How “timed” are we talking?
A: Depends, lifetime will be a variable that can be affected by animal husbandry skills, but at most no longer than a month roughly for the dropped flying mounts.

Q: Will racial  skins still be part of the game at launch?
A: They will be, yes.

Q: Steven they are referring to the Dragon true flight world boss drop timed mounts, those will last upto a month? Considering Castle owners will keep theirs for a month-ish at the minimum as well (unless they lose the castle) its about the same lifespan?
A: It will vary, but yes.

Q: Yesterday while going over all the legalese stuff, I found that Valve Steam is listed in your list of 3rd party providers that you may or may not share data with.  Is this because you are using Steamworks in the APOC mode?  I assume that is the answer and that you still have no intention of putting Ashes of Creation on Steam?
A: There was some consideration for APOC on steam, but correct that Ashes the MMORPG will not be on steam.

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