4/30/20 Livestream Transcript

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April 30th Livestream Transcription

Intrepid studios shares new dungeon gameplay, character visuals, gathering resources, design and environment passes.

Quick Updates:

  • The first group of Alpha 1 testers will begin testing in May.
  • May test is for Phoenix Initiative and then Braver of Worlds backers in fall.
  • Hybrid Combat iterations 2.0 has been achieved, not 3.0 yet.

Design Team Update: The VFX you are seeing is still on its first pass. We later take the time to do a second pass, third pass and so on so to refine visual FX over time, so please keep that in mind while looking at the first pass of the VFX. We’ve been putting in the first foundational systems for crafting and gathering. The skillbar you’re seeing here is for testing, the max level intended for release is level 50. There’s a long way to go regarding skill fidelity, hence we’re starting with a limited kit for each of the classes and then building on this as we go through development. For those of you out there wondering how our levelling process is going to be, if you have played lots of MMORPG’s, we would say we are more towards the more hardcore levelling time than the softcore levelling time. But we’re definitely not going to be one of those max level in under a week type of game. Mana in the game is a resource that you’ll have to utilize carefully. A lot of the older MMOs have mana dependent classes that run out of mana quickly and run out of it. At first we were leaning more towards that, but now we’re leaning towards a compelling gameplay experience and sitting down is not compelling. It’s still going to be a resource that you need to manage carefully. In our previous experience with MMORPG launches, launch day is the foundation for games with competitiveness. We’re going to keep you guys a part of the process as we develop and re-iterate. 


Character Art Update: We intend to have plenty of variation in character creation. You’ll be able to have blemishes, imperfections to make your character look unique. Do keep in mind that art and visual assets go through various passes over the course of development, for example we’re now on our second pass for hair that we’ve iterated on since our first pass. Since we’re allowing players the ability to mix and match pieces of armor, we dont want them looking out of place when you mix for example an alliance set and a wolf set. Being able to identify what type of armor a player is wearing from a distance is pretty important, so you need to be able to see if a player is wearing plate from far away so you know how to initiate the fight. 

You’ll be seeing various tiers of both fishing and fishing poles that you’ll discover as you progress in your fishing tree. You might even have some rather dangerous fishes within the tiers. We want mounting/dismounting to be fast, especially from a PvP and PvE perspective. Movement and positioning usually is key in winning fights so we want things to be smooth. Again, this is one of the passes that will be iterated on. 


Environment Team Updates: Caravans are able to transition from land to naval caravans. So if you start off a caravan on land and want to move over water, it will take a minute to two minutes to transition your caravan from a land based caravan. Players are going to have caravans that are representative of their race. As we’ve transitioned from concept art to actual in-game models, their environment team has been doing amazing work in putting all the racial assets together

As with any in-depth artisan system, it requires assets for raw materials present in the world that need to be gathered by players, resulting in a huge swathe of materials that require assets created for them. Each of these gatherable resources needs to be presented live in the world for players to gather. The Apocalypse Castle (Karthmere Keep) has now been upgraded and turned into a stronghold for the Alpha 1 playthrough. Atmospheric lighting is another thing that the environment team has been working on, it’s a large part of providing the proper mood to the game, the visuals being shown now are all in-game screenshots and not concept art.


QnA Session

Q: Are there going to be hard CC’s in PvP?
A: Yes, there will absolutely be hard CC’s, however balancing application of a skill in PvE and PvP, one of the biggest components from a CC perspective is diminishing returns, which will be prevalent from both a PvE and PvP perspective. 

Q: Will we be able to Target of Target?
A: Yes. Target of Target or assisted targetting is an important aspect of group based PvE and PvP. Party and Raid leaders will be able to assign overhead icons over targets. 

Q: What is the max party size?
A: The current max party size is 8. We are designing group combat over 8 player parties based on the 8 different archetypes. 

Q: Are there ways to customize the information on the mini map?
A: Seeing monsters on minimaps is not something everyone will have access to, it’s probably something that will be tied to specific classes or perks. Especially in a dungeon like this we would not want to give away where the monsters are hiding etc. 

Q: Will we be able to freely switch classes?
A: You will have to pick a class, you cannot freely switch between classes. 

Q: What’s the +1 next to the monster nameplate?
A: Once the UI is fully implemented, the mob nameplate will have a different colour/type to give you a rough idea of how much stronger the monster is in comparison to you. Currently for development we have it listed as +1 on the nameplate which will later change.

Q: You have mentioned Castle Regions (static) and Zones of Influence (flexible) but can you go into more details about Economic Regions?
A: The economic regions as well as the castle regions share the same static boundaries, those are more geographic in nature and align with mountain passes, rivers and more. These are the geographic divisions in the world that we’ll use to determine transit rates, transit of goods, boundaries of warehouse deposits, the influence of castle taxing regions etc. These are static as the design team wants to add a specific systems to things. The node regions are more flexible, is there a closer border to a coast, can I take a node over, there’s a lot of different components to that algorithm.

Q: Can we expect a reticle (like in APOC) which would be tied to the mouse movement in Alpha 1 or will it be added later on (A2 perhaps)?
A: It is there right now. We have 2 modes, the MMO mode (Tab) and action mode (Reticle). You can press the toggle button and switch between them.

Q: Will Elves be able to appear bulky and tanky or will they be ‘sleek’ and agile as designed in other MMO’s and media?
A: So there’s going to be a degree of acceptable deformation when it comes to the different races. There’s also going to be body types that you can cycle between to start at the middle of a deformation range. But there will be confinements to a degree at which you can manipulate something. So you cant turn your elf into the size of an orc. 

Q: Will there be wieldable banners in the game? (Like in Guild Wars) Either summonable through skills or as a an ordinary weapon you can buy and own.
A: There wont be buyable banners as weapons. But there may be for certain variance of the Bard archetype that are banner oriented skills that use the banner archetype or a Guild position for like officers so if the guild chooses to spec into like a banner skill. It’s one thing to go into a guild, become an officer and get a few basic permissions. But one of the things we want to achieve is to have ranks mean something on the battlefield. Banners represent cohesive nature on the battlefield and provide a boost to people. So that could be put in as a active skill to provide a buff so players can be “Hey where is my officer at so I can be next to him and the banner for buffs”

Q:Will bosses and bigger/”senior” monsters give a visual representation of their degradation while fighting? Ie. weapons and armour break, wounds appear etc.
A: Likely not, there may be special cases where we do something like that, but generally from a development perspective, its expensive to do. So generally no, but in special cases, yes.

Q: What will happen to stored materials or goods in nodes, in banks or such things, after a successful node siege and destruction?
A: Depending on the type of item, if its a material based item like a crafting compenent or raw gatherable, those specific items – a portion will be lost and made available to the victors of a siege. There’s a declaration period that exists for war. The way we prohibit players during the declaration period is by locking the resources of the player so it gives them incentive to contribute to the protection of a node to save their resources. It also keeps people from hoarding to ensure things continue to go in and out of the economy. The concept of risk vs reward is important. So if you bank everything you own into one place, its high risk but its high reward as well. Risk and opportunity go hand in hand, we want to convey that design in the game. 

Q: What is the team’s stance on moving while casting? Is it like World of Warcraft where it is the exception, or Guild Wars 2 where it is the rule?
A: Generally we want to tend to be more mobile in our classes. It’s fundamentally an old school philosophy to have stuck in place skills. That doesnt mean we wont have fixed casting, but its a blend between the two. So we’ll have both in all classes. It’s again a risk vs reward thing. Skills that have an overpowering nature to them will require fixed casting in place, so you are now at risk but face a big reward if you get it off.

Q: As a dedicated citizen of my node, – instead of selling for money, or disassembling for materials – will I be able to “donate” my obsolete gear to my node, so to upgrade the defensive abilities of my node”s NPCs, or for example bolstering the strength of a caravan guard?
A: Not directly. You cannot directly give gear to the node in that regard. But you can indirectly participate to boost the nodes defenses by helping levelling up the barracks that lets the mayor hire more NPC mercenaries. There are ofcourse deconstruction options that lets you breakdown gear that you dont want to get various materials.

Q: What is your take on about rollbacks? Is it an last resort that you try to avoid or is it something you will do frequently if problems and bugs appear?
A: Definitely not frequently. Rollbacks are so problematic from both the player side and technical side. It’s a last resort kinda thing. The way we’re building our systems it lets us address things granularly. Rollbacks are when the effects of an exploit are so widespread that going through it with a fine toothed comb would not be possible, its a last resort.

Q: Will there be criminal activities for PvE content, like stealing from shops or pickpocketing NPCs?
A: Absolutely. There will be a load of cool hosts and interactions, fun skullduggery that occurs in those things.

Q: Is there anything you can share with us about the enhanced mounts unlocked in the Kickstarter? I hope that the group mounts are rhino or elephant sized.
A: Some that are even bigger than elephant size. They will be grand.

Q: When thinking about moving resources, will players be able to get storage in different cities or only the node they live in?
A: You’ll have access to the storage facilities in other cities. You can visit the warehouse in other cities and freely use them. 

Q: In kickstarter, it is mentioned that there are “additional customization options” leveling from 1-3. Can you give us an example of what backers will have access to that non-backers will not?
A: That will be defined further out, probably after alpha 2. Kickstarter backers with specific rewards will get an email for things like that when they go out. 

Q: Will there be different potions for the potion launcher weapon?
A: Not so much ingredient based. But enhancement based. So if the potion launcher does end up being included in the MMORPG, it will probably be augmenting the types of potions or damage done

Q: Will it be possible to rent a private game server to test things?
A: No. That’s not to say we wont include a test zone for players locally to try out cosmetics/skill builds. 

Q: Will spears be primarily melee or ranged weapons?
A: Primarily melee.

Q: DPS Meter?
A: It’s a subject with a lot of debate around it. I’m still of the opinion that those functions can be a bit toxic to the social aspect of MMORPGs. I know that competitive guilds and players want pertinent metrics and information. Cultivating good players and increasing the skills of your players and friends through interactive way and co-progression is a better and long lasting way to develop camaraderie. I know this is very subjective, but at the same time I’m making the game so.

Q: You cant push harder content without logs
A: You most definitely can, it becomes a function of trial and error. And in and of itself, that is content that hardcore players should be willing to work on. I dont like doing the same content over again, but I like the challenge of trial and error and I like it being based on experience and not a data table. So from an immersive standpoint, DPS meters are less a immersive factor and less of a social factor.

Q: Knowing that open dungeons are available for everyone, will the difficulty increase the deeper you delve?
A: Difficulty is definitely a progressive component. So the dungeon entrances will have lower level mobs and the deeper you go in, you’ll find either more difficult mobs or difficult mob mechanics or specific pathing mechanics in a room or terrain and environmental curses that are found deeper in the dungeon.


  • Thanks guys

    Posted May 1, 2020
  • Looks absolutely amazing,
    But, what about the money involvement?
    Will there be a monthly subscription fee which will make an equal world.

    or will you be able to swipe your credit card in order to improve yourself ingame and have an advantage.
    (cash>ingame currency/purchase tradeable items/resell) etc etc.

    Posted May 3, 2020
    • Monthly 15$ sub, no box cost. And absolutely no P2W (Pay to win)

      Posted May 29, 2020
  • The content you do have looks good, and the format of the website is nice.

    Although, I was here the other day, and I was turned off by the lack of fresh articles. I noticed the newest articles were from late 2019, and a number of them from 2018 – which means to me that it’s not really worth my time reading/subscribing/visiting the content here, even if the website does look good.


    1) Make more fresh content, regularly. There’s plenty to talk about.

    2) Don’t include the dates on the posts – make it more like a general website, than a blog (with dates). Although, this wouldn’t address the lack of fresh content.

    It’s just some constructive criticism, and I hope it helps.

    Posted May 6, 2020
    • Thanks for the feedback! We’re currently restricted by what we can make content on due to all testing being under NDA, but we plan to have fresh content regularly once the NDA drops!

      Posted May 29, 2020

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