8/28/20 Livestream Transcript

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August 28th Livestream Transcription

– Intrepid studios shares early Hybrid Combat, progress updates and discusses plans for the year. (The majority of this stream was a video update, I’d recommend watching it to see the combat etc.)

Quick Updates:

    • We’ve moved the game engine from UE 4.23 to Unreal Engine 4.25
    • Studio move delayed to next year to focus on Alpha 1 for this year
    • Intrepid has parted ways with My.com and is opening their own EU office


Studio Update: As of yesterday we have filled 16 of the 24 open positions, we are incredibly grateful to all of you for helping us spread the word and reach out to people. We’re going to be postponing the move into the new studio until the start of next year as I’d like to have the team focused on pushing out the Alpha 1 client.

Design Team Update: We’re going to be talking about our current work in progress for the Hybrid Combat system. Your skill tree will be split across 3 categories, Passives, Actives and Weapon skills. Pressing Z allows you to switch between Action and Tab target, doing so brings up a reticle allowing you to play in action combat or switch to the good old tab target. All weapons have a forward cone to a degree, so for example polearms would have a wider arc while daggers would have a smaller fine-tuned arc. However as we have said in the past, action and tab are two combat systems with different rythm/tempos. Combat NEEDS to feel good, it needs to flow, it needs to be tactile and responsive- and we’ve got a long way to go before we get to where we want to be. Combat will be changing continually throughout development. Regarding skills, the goal is not to overwhelm people with hotbars, but with that being said it’s also a build-based game, so you will decide how you fill your hotbar. No add-ons, however the UI will allow customization, resizing, colour changing, etc.

The castle you’ll be seeing in the next clip is about 1/4th the full size. Castles are occupied by raid bosses before players. Additionally the castles grant greater benefits the longer a guild holds them. Kings and Queens of castles will be able to have special relations with nodes and interact with Mayors. The economic benefits of owning a castle will have an effect on the server/world.


QnA Session

Q: Will you be allowing add-ons?
A: No.

Q: In the aftermath of a siege, can only the attackers/defenders attack buildings? Or can anyone come in and attack things?
A: In the current design, during the vulnerability period, anyone can attack freeholds and buildings. There will be a grace period mechanic and more.

Q: Does gear held in your bag lose durability when you die? (Not equipped)
A: No.

Q: Are artisan crafts affected in any way by Race/Religion/Archetype?
A: No.

Q: Plans for level 50 to be a soft cap to level beyond it?
A: No. Hardcapped. Soft caps cause balancing issues.

Q: Steven mentioned flight paths in his interview with Asmongold, is that for scientific nodes?
A: No, that’s for all metropoli. The system I was talking to Asmon about was to travel from Node A to Node C if players have built the system for it.

Q: You mentioned in PvP you could identify classes by icons. Will each of the 64 classes have icons?
A: Yes. You will also be able to see buff icon for gear grade/type.

Q: Will you move to Unreal Engine 5?
A: Unreal offers a lot of support from Epic Games. Regarding UE5, Epic does keep in mind the various projects that would be interested in moving over to it. If you look at other games, when they take an extended period of time to release (many years) they go through significant changes, Ashes will be one of those games. 

Q: Will the beta be the full game?
A: No you will not get the full game in beta. For example, you dont have to have every single combination to test whether a system is working. So we plan to disable lots of selections/variety and just to test out things while mitigating how much we reveal.

Q: Can I keep a house cat in my freehold?
A: It’s not outside the realm of possibility, it’s rather easy to implement. We’d have to scope it out.

Q: Do freeholds take on the appearance of the predominant racial structure or do they take on the owner’s race or choice?
A: It’s based on the blueprint. The freehold is your space, you make it look like what you want it to.

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