[Updated] Apocalypse Battle Royale Guide

Apocalypse Battle Royale Guide & Tier List

Last updated – September 25th 2019

AoC Apocalypse BR Guide. The Ashes Post is proud to present our battle royale guide and tier list created for the ashes of creation community! The tier list spreadsheet includes detailed data on the weapon/armour types present in this game mode, while the battle royale guide will provide a fair amount of knowledge to players new to the genre. The contents of this guide will be constantly updated as Intrepid Studios makes changes to the game.

Special thanks: Awace#3904 & Zii#2633 for data collection.

You can find a direct link to the below spreadsheet here: https://goo.gl/GMsMtt


Battle Royale Map

Besides the general keybinds such as movement, there are a few specific keybinds that you need to know when playing:

  • RMB + LMB – Acrobatic Leap: While holding your right mouse button, pressing left mouse button will trigger your gap closer skill. Melee only.
  • Q – Weapon Ability: Pressing Q will activate the special ability on your currently selected weapon.
  • T – Drop Current Item: Pressing T will drop your currently selected weapon/equipment.
  • C – Chest Armour Ability: Pressing C will activate the special ability on the chest armour you have equipped.
  • V – Leg Armour Ability: Pressing V will activate the special ability on the leg armour you have equipped.
  • X – Dodge: Pressing X will let you dodge in the direction you are moving in.
  • F1 – Repair Armour: Holding down this key lets you repair your armour at the cost of mana.



Battle Royale Match Flow

At the beginning of every match, you will be placed in a training island while you wait for other players. Once all players  are done loading, the divine gateway will sucks you in, signalling the start of the game. You’ll find yourself stuck drifting  within a rift. For those of you familiar with other battle royale games, this rift carries all the players at the start of the  match and moves from one end of the map to the other (Similar to Fortnite’s battle bus or PUBG’s aircraft). Once you are  ready, press spacebar to leave the rift and mount your griffon. While on your griffon, you can press E to dismount,  however doing so from a high altitude will result in you taking fall damage. If you fail to manually leave the rift before it  reaches the end of the map, it will automatically force you onto your griffon. Once on your griffon, navigate through the  clouds to land at the location of your choice.

Once the rift reaches the end of the map, the first corruption storm circle appears on your map.  Once you’ve landed, your  first priority is to acquire equipment (Weapons/Armour). This is something that you will get better at with experience as  learning equipment spawn locations is incredibly helpful in deciding which location you would like to land in while within  the rift. If you land near an enemy player, prioritise obtaining a weapon first as this will give you the upper hand to shut  them down quickly, giving you some breathing room to recover health/armour.

Loot chests will have a humming/shimmering audio queue when you are close to one, so if you hear them, look around to get some sweet loot. When gearing up, look for equipment with a higher rarity to improve your damage output and survival. There are 3 rarities within the game as follows:

  • Uncommon: The lowest rarity of equipment. Weapons of this rarity deal the base amount of damage. 20 Armour per piece (Difference in damage is minimal)
  • Rare: The medium rarity of equipment. Weapons of this rarity deal more than the base damage. 35 Armour per piece (1-3 increased damage than Uncommon)
  • Legendary: The highest rarity of equipment. Weapons of this rarity deal the most amount of damage. 50 Armour per piece (1-3 increased damage than Rare)

There are two types of potions (Fort/Mount potions removed): Health & Mana

  • Health Potion: Take 5 seconds to consume and restores 25/100 health depending on the rarity of the potion. Capped at 100 health.
  • Mana Potion: Consumed instantly once you pick them up. Mana is used in firing magic/arrows to repairing armour durability. Capped at 1000 mana.
  • Mounts: Can be acquired by walking up to a horse and pressing E. After a short animation, the horse can be summoned by pressing H.
  • Fort Schematic Potion: Used to place down a fort in a clearing. Cannot be placed on most surfaces. There are 3 different fort types. (Removed)

After a few seconds, the corruption storm will begin closing in on the first circle. If you are within the corruption storm, you will take damage over time. The damage caused by the storm scales depending on how far the match has progressed, with the final circle’s corruption storm dealing large amounts of damage.

Once the corruption storm meets the first circle, a second circle will appear and you will once again have some time to move to the next circle. The circles get progressively smaller and faster as the match drags on. Your objective is to keep moving in order to stay within the boundaries of the circle before the corruption storm closes in.

Nearing the end, the area of the circle will be incredibly small and there will only be a handful of players left. If you’ve made it this far, you’re inches away from victory. The last man standing wins.



Tips and Tricks

The two prominent ways of winning involve aggressively pushing towards the middle of each circle or surviving around the circle’s border without engaging in fights. As with all battle royale style games, landing farther away from the pink vortex at the start will result in you encountering fewer players and better chances at loot.

A well balanced loadout places you ahead of the competition (Refer to tier spreadsheet). Ensure that you have both melee and ranged weapons so you can engage enemy players at any distance. An optimal loadout consists of two melee weapons consisting of one of the two spears (‘Spiritpierce’ or ‘Lifebringer’ considered tier 1) and two ranged weapons of your choice (‘Grimoire’ + Bow/Crossbow).

Headshot hitboxes exist in this game mode, landing a headshot results in double the damage of a body shot (2x damage multiplier). Currently only ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows and wands are able to land headshots, hence carrying one of these is incredibly important. Keep a lookout for players standing still in order to heal or repair armour, stationary targets make for easy kills as long as you land a hit to the head.

Utilise the over-the-shoulder camera to its full potential. You can position the camera to view your surroundings while keeping yourself hidden. This is incredibly useful for scouting and getting an overview of any fights that are taking place. Keep an eye on your hit indicator as it highlights the direction of incoming damage. This lets you react swiftly and helps even out the element of surprise that an attacker has.

When playing as a squad, it’s a good idea to co-ordinate where you land (Example D4, G6, F8, etc). You can also right click to place markers on the map. When you spot enemies, call out their direction by looking at your overhead compass. Make sure not to land too close to each other as you do not want to fight over loot.

There are a variety of destructible environments that can be destroyed using weapons and skills. Use this to your advantage to block paths or cover your escape. You can break doors from a distance using your ranged weapons to check if there are players inside. This is a useful tactic to ensure you do not open a door and get jumped. While doors can be easily broken using your weapons, if you’re taking on a stealthier approach, close doors behind you after you enter a building. This helps cover your tracks from enemy players.

When you successfully enter the area within a circle, do not make the mistake of assuming every other player is also there. Players will be coming from within the corruption storm and can still attack you from behind. Keep a watchful eye for players using ‘Breastplate of Dark Pact’ as the active ability on it grants the player 50% damage reduction from the corruption storm for a few seconds. This lets them skirt around the edges and attack unsuspecting players while within the corruption storm.

In most scenarios, you will not be able to run uphill as you will simply slide off. Hence holding high ground gives you a significant advantage over enemies at the base of the hill. However, using the ‘Catfall Boots’ lets you jump over slopes to reduces this disadvantage. They also make your footsteps silent and make for a good gap closer.

Besides it’s intended use of highlighting players through obstacles, the ‘Crossbow of Revealing’ also highlights players in stealth that are using the ‘Invisibility Aegis’ chest armour. It is also one of the best medium-long range weapons in the game. The ‘Wand of Light’ active ability can be used to mark players, this could potential turn the tide of the engagement as other players will be attracted towards the pillar of light in hopes of eliminating the competition.

The ‘Firefrost’ (Potion launcher) may be hard to use, but is incredibly powerful for destroying structures and disorienting enemies. While it may not shine as much in solo modes, this weapon’s usefulness increases in squads and enclosed areas, where the AOE from the fire potions shines as it can be utilised to corner enemies within buildings, destroy multiple structures simultaneously or simply assist with zoning enemies.

Horses can be found in the open world and can be acquired by holding E and then pressing H to summon them. Beware though, as it makes you an easy target as players can see you riding your horse from miles away. However it does make for great situational use when you know you are safe and simply need to outrun the corruption storm. General mobility-based equipment such as the ‘Blink boots’ are more reliable.


apoc adeventure pathQuesting and More

The Battle Royale mode features an ‘Adventure Path‘ similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass which lets you complete quests and unlock cosmetic rewards such as weapon skins, appearances, outfits, emotes and more. These quests are of two types, the first being daily quests which can be completed in a short amount of time and the second being weekly quests which are related to the lore of Verra (Ashes of Creation’s world). There are two types of paths, the first is your standard Adventure path which lets you progress through 20 rewards, while the second is a ‘Legendary Path’ which can be purchased for 10$ to unlock an additional 50 progression rewards with even more cosmetics to unlock. Furthermore, all the rewards that you unlock will be carried over to the MMORPG at launch for you to use.









Controls Layout

Keybinds provided by Intrepid Studios


  • Pinned this for my gaming community for when open testing starts

    Posted October 14, 2018
    • We’re glad to know you liked it!

      Posted October 14, 2018
  • Would like to ask how you got all this data. From the game itself or from the .pak files? I ask that because im trying to gather some info too.

    Posted October 15, 2018
    • The data was gathered manually by our Alpha 1 testers during the stress testing phases.

      Posted October 15, 2018
  • Thank you. This was incredibly helpful.

    Posted December 18, 2018
  • Hey, some of these are wrong. I was hoping to make a copy of the sheet and fix them to use for myself. Would you be so kind enough to make exports options available?
    Uncommon spiritpierce deals 40
    Legendary paladin’s might deals 38, its skill did 70% damage reduction
    Rare thundering mace 53

    there were some other but I remember these

    Mert Kitis
    Posted January 25, 2019
    • Hey there, Intrepid performs balancing updates with almost every testing phase, as such the numbers are updated as and when we can. Please check the top of the article for the date it was last updated!

      Posted January 25, 2019
      • Yes, I get it. I just would like to be able to replace them with the right values in my own sheet but it is closed to exporting. I was wondering if you could change that.

        Mert Kitis
        Posted January 25, 2019
        • Apologies, we put a lot of time and effort into these things and they’re made free for everyone to view.
          Please understand that exporting/copying is disabled for a reason as the last thing we’d want is for people to pass our work off as theirs.

          Posted January 25, 2019
      • Hey there, Mert!

        Since the sheet is created, managed and changing by Awace and Shaze, the sheet is their own work. This is why exporting option closed. If you wanna create your own you need to start from the beginning otherwise it would be like copying other’s work. Other than that sheet will be updated by the new values when the changes are confirmed.

        Have a nice day!

        Posted January 25, 2019
  • Greetings all, I wanted to inquire about using some of the material you have put together in an upcoming video I’m producing for Youtube. Could you please let me know a good email to reach out to so that I could provide more information?

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    • Hey there, we’d prefer it if you simply contacted us over Discord over at discord.gg/checkmate

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