3/27/20 Livestream Transcript

March 27th Livestream Transcription – Major Alpha 1 development update and 2020 A1 GDC preview. (Note from Shaze: I recommend watching the stream instead of reading the notes for this one: Quick Rundown of the Pre-Alpha preview: Large Alpha 0…


2/28/20 Livestream Transcript

February 28th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios shares GDC update and status of the Alpha 1 preview due in March. Quick Updates: Intrepid will no longer be attending GDC. But will still present the Alpha 1 preview on livestream. Will still…


1/30/20 Livestream Transcript

January 30th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios shares Alpha 1 progress updates and first look at the new UI changes. Quick Updates: We’ll be having new character models for all the races soon. Parts of the Alpha 1 map will be…


12/17/19 Livestream Transcript

December 17th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios shares Castle Siege progress and updates on the MMORPG. Quick Updates: The Creative Director’s letter will be finalized around holiday break. We’ll be showing a video on Christmas Day. We’ve got a Castle Siege…


11/22/19 Livestream Transcript

November 22nd Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios provides a development update on the MMORPG and Castle Sieges. Quick Updates: Moving to the new studio soon. Getting closer to the playable castle siege mode. On the road to Alpha 1, lot of…


10/31/19 Livestream Transcript

October 31st Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios hosts their Halloween stream and shares what they’ve learned from Apocalypse and the winners of the Halloween Event. Quick Updates: Extra Life 24-hour Pathfinder/DnD Livestream on November 2nd (10AM PDT) Siege mode has been…


10/12/19 Twitch QnA

October 12th Twitch QnA   Keynotes Castle siege extremely likely this year – Coming shortly. Just hired a new UX designer, who has 16 years exp from Blizzard, he starts Monday. Currently layering is still not planned, want the world to…


9/27/19 Livestream Transcript

September 27th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios shares details on MMORPG progress and special promotions for Apocalypse. Quick Updates: Apocalypse is now available for 24×7 play on both Intrepid website and Steam. The creative director’s letter will most likely come out…


8/29/19 Livestream Transcript

August 29th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios shares development feedback on the recent apocalypse test of the MMORPG. Quick Updates: Account services update that happened this month. Check the site for info. We put out a lore article on the noble…

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