8/29/19 Livestream Transcript

August 29th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios shares development feedback on the recent apocalypse test of the MMORPG. Quick Updates: Account services update that happened this month. Check the site for info. We put out a lore article on the noble…

Livestream Transcription

8/15/19 DCN Transcript

August 15th Livestream Transcription – Steven appears as a guest on the DCN 100th podcast (Congratulations!) for an in-depth interview on Ashes of Creation’s development. Q: Since Intrepid has partnered with Steam, what kind of benefit do you recieve and will…

Discord QnA Transcript

8/14/19 Discord QnA

August 14th Discord QnA – Steven addresses concerns over Apocalypse being launched on Steam. Q: How will accounts work with Intrepid and accounts for EU users? A: With the MMORPG, if you have a account and you want to…


7/26/19 Livestream Transcript

July 26th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios shares numerous updates from different parts of their development team and development progress of the MMORPG. Kickstarter pet vote winners:   Engineering Team Updates: Alex Khudoly (Programmer) is brought on Stream to talk about…


6/28/19 Livestream Transcript

June 28th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios shares brand new concept art, in-game models, polished environments, development updates and answers questions from the community. A Few Updates: New Developer diaries on animation is out, can be found here. The next Creative…


5/30/19 Livestream Transcript

May 30th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid shares a development update and plenty of new information from their various development teams + QNA. A Few Updates: The new Dev diaries on weapons is live. Chris is working on the Quarrior pet model…

Livestream Transcription

4/30/19 Livestream Transcript

April 30th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid showcases their new developer diary on building technology and answers community questions. Few Updates: Still no new dates. We’ll announce them when we’re ready No ETA on the referral system, its being worked on. Forum…

Livestream Transcription

4/19/19 Chibi Stream Transcript

April 19th Golden Feather Livestream Transcription – Steven joins The Golden Feather on their podcast and discusses his inspiration for the MMORPG and specific lore and game mechanics. Stream Hosts: ChibiBree, DJvirtek | Stream link Q: So the new forum QnA…

Livestream Transcription

4/17/19 Simurgh Stream Transcript

April 17th Simurgh Livestream Transcription – Steven joins the Ashes Pathfinders on their podcast and discusses the scientific node features, citizenship and the progress on web systems.  Stream Hosts: Simurgh, Daedelus | Stream link Q: Are the armors from the blogpost…

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