Livestream Transcription

4/17/19 Simurgh Stream Transcript

April 17th Simurgh Livestream Transcription – Steven joins the Ashes Pathfinders on their podcast and discusses the scientific node features, citizenship and the progress on web systems.  Stream Hosts: Simurgh, Daedelus | Stream link Q: Are the armors from the blogpost…

Livestream Transcription

4/11/19 DCN Stream Transcript

April 11th DCN Livestream Transcription – Steven joins the Dungeon Crawler Network on their podcast and discusses the scientific node features, citizenship and the progress on web systems.  Stream Hosts: Aggelos, Stormlordz, Alpha Soul, Krojak | Stream link Discussion opens with…

Livestream Transcription

3/29/19 Livestream Transcript

March 29th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid answers node questions from the community and discusses advanced mechanics relating to nodes. Stream begins with no audio and Intrepid attempts to communicate using sign language. Introductions going around. Discussion regarding their trip to GDC…

Livestream Transcription

3/08/19 Livestream Transcript

March 8th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid talks about the letter, state of the game, FAQ, and answers questions regarding development. Introductions – Steven, Margaret and Jeffrey. Steven talks about his past as a player and how that encourages him to have…

Discord QnA Transcript

3/07/19 Discord QnA

March 7th Discord QnA – Steven’s extensive hour-long Discord QnA discussing the letter and addressing various community concerns. Concerns over the BR, people claim Steven is out of touch with the community and want to know why the Battlegrounds for Phase…

Discord QnA Transcript

3/02/19 Discord QnA

March 2nd Discord QnA – Steven talks player feedback, Pet system, Summoner class, Open World structures and Castle Siege leaks. Q: Will you be at PAX east this month? A: I decided this week that it is best for the studio…

Discord QnA Transcript

2/17/19 Discord QnA

February 17th Discord QnA – Steven offers clarification and in-depth explanation on the Apocalypse Testing, potential delays, new hires and ships. Q: Why does the game feel unfinished? A: This is testing. Not a launch. Need to test these network changes…

Discord QnA Transcript

2/14/19 Discord QnA

February 14th Discord QnA – Steven shares more on Flying Mounts, The producer’s letter and Steam. Q: How’s the producers letter coming Steven, will we see it this week? A: Not this week. Most likely this month, but as I stated,…

Discord QnA Transcript

2/07/19 Discord QnA

February 7th Discord QnA – Steven discusses Castle Regions, Economic Regions, Node/Metropolis ZOI and Taxes. Q: Do Castles influence the region around them?  Or just the 3 nodes attached to the castle? A: The region around them, which is 1/5th of…

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