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Castle Siege Wallpaper Set

Castle Siege Mobile Wallpaper Set Ashes of Creation Wallpaper for Mobile & PC. We’re proud to present our first full set of Ashes of Creation Wallpapers! Featuring the 6 class kits present within the Apocalypse Castle Siege testing mode, we hope…

Ashes of Creation Sorting Sandal v5

The Sorting Sandal

Presenting the Sorting Sandal Quiz! The following quiz was compiled in January 2019 and is intended as a fun project to prepare for the castle sieges. With castle sieges right around the corner, having a guild is essential and there’s no…

Patch Notes 1.0.115

Apocalypse Patch Notes 1.0.115

Apocalypse Patch Notes 1.0.115 Known Issues Mini map stays grey when loading into the match sometimes. No-fill option button does not work. If you encounter this issue, please reset your password to a new password and avoid special characters. Password Invalid…

Patch Notes 1.0.114

Apocalypse Patch Notes 1.0.114

Apocalypse Patch Notes 1.0.114 Hotfix Notes Fall damage adjusted to be more forgiving. Bonesmasher hemorrhage damage reduced. Party member names are not properly displayed within the Lobby. Fix for Players place message in victory screen. FPS increase related to terrain. Fix…

AoC FAQ and Troubleshooting

AoC Apocalypse FAQ & Troubleshooting Last updated – April 12th 2019 All data was compiled with the approval and assistance of the Ashes of Creation moderator team. Have questions about Apocalypse, Download problems, Crashes, Annoying Bugs, Errors, Troubleshooting Help and more?…

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