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December 6th Livestream Transcription

– Intrepid announces Apocalypse, shares Apocalypse lore, Battle Royale Monetization, Adventure Path info and provides explanation on Skins.

  • Announcement of the new server room, Lots of new hires.
  • Intrepid thanks players for their contribution, especially A1/A2 testers.
  • December cosmetics being shown. Available tomorrow.
  • <Insert crazed goat sounds> (Nyth pet sound effects)
  • Castle Siege Video + Announcement incoming.


Open Beta announced for December 18th

  • Register now: https://apocalypse.ashesofcreation.com/
  • Beta 1 backers will be invited this weekend to test, Beta 2 next weekend.
  • Discussing the importance of launch day as it’s what players remember the most.
  • How players will go about earning rewards in apocalypse is now being discussed:
  • Apocalypse will have a “Adventure Pass” similar to fortnite battle pass.
  • Adventure pass will work for all 3 game modes, can be advanced upto level 50 of the pass.
  • Levelling up the pass unlocks weapon skins. Apocalypse account is shared with the MMORPG.
  • Anything earned in apocalypse will be yours in AoC as a reward for helping Intrepid test.
  • Adventure pass quests will also contain lore of Verra during the Fall.

  • Different weapon skin variants shown and explained to show what cosmetic rewards you’ll be earning via the adventuring pass in the apocalypse game modes.
  • Various new weapon skins/styles are being shown from the recent testing.
  • Lore backstory of Apocalypse now being provided:
  • Battle Royale is – As you’re leaving Verra, the slipstream cuts off and you fall back into Verra through the tear (Pink rift) of the BR.
  • Castle siege is fighting for last bastions to protect your families.
  • Horde mode is the last stand, final stand against the corruption.
  • Chapter 1 of Apocalypse titled “EXODUS”. (10 weeks roughly, between 8-12 weeks)
  • Similar to seasons in Fortnite. Each chapter will have new rewards/cosmetics etc.
  • As Hosting servers is not free, hence Apocalypse will have a shop with purchasing possible. Mounts, Costumes, Weapon skins, Emotes.
  • Legendary Adventuring Pass will be available for 10$ for players to earn extra rewards.
  • All Alpha 1 backers receive lifetime membership of the 10$ legendary pass.
  • In additional, First chapter ‘EXODUS’ will be free for Alpha 2, Beta 1, Beta 2 backers.
  • Additionally, new livestream next week to showcase MMORPG development process (20-30 mins gameplay footage with questing/fighting/raidbosses) Progress from PAX WEST till date.
  • Most probably on Thursday. Meant to show how the Apocalypse game modes and BR contribute to the MMORPG.


QnA now in progress

  • Each class of mount (Rare/Legendary etc) will have its own set of available skins such as land mounts etc. For example, the Ramstrider mount will be able to apply to a land mount within the first 5 levels. A Griphon skin on the other hand will only be applied to a royal mount. So you still have to earn things within the game in order to be able to apply those skins.
  • What Steven wants for Christmas — Wants players to have fun, enjoy apocalypse and the testing for christmas.
  • Any plans for Aquatic freeholds? Depending on where you place the freehold you will have various environmental tiles available for customization. Not 100% yet.
  • If you own a package/kickstarter with Intrepid, you will probably get info on transferring to My.com soonTM. As long as you own an account on the main account, you will have a migration process before December 18th to migrate your account. You do not need to re-register.
  • Castle Siege and Horde mode will be first tested by A1 backers for a month. End of December is when castle siege is first probably going to be tested.
  • Purchaseable soundtrack? Potentially.
  • Not attending PAX south. More details on PAX east soonTM
  • How much effect will RNG have in PvP? RNG will always play a role. A way to mitigate RNG is through action combat as it is less RNG dependant. A method to reward skilled play vs TAB play.
  • Testing for A1/A2/B1/B2 backers on the New website functionality soonTM. Please keep an eye on your emails. Apocalypse registration site is part of the new website. Testing soonTM.
  • All players have access to the free pass upto level 50 with rewards and cosmetics. Legendary pass is optional which has approx 50+ rewards.
  • What do kickstarter/summer backers get? They recieve first chapter, with upto 71 cosmetic earnable rewards for free. Additionally A1 backers receive lifetime membership of the legendary path for apocalypse game modes.
  • Nodes 3 when? Requires overall picture of MMORPG map, which is what is being completed within the game world currently, spread across all available nodes. Once completed, Intrepid will feel comfortable sharing nodes 3.
  • Any plans on increasing combat speed similar to BDO? <Audio issues> Combat will be slowed down a little. Time to kill will be significantly higher than BR. <More audio issues>
  • Some of the issues that have arisen during recent testing, primarily the installer and patching process is being completely redone. New launcher being rolled out on Saturdays test to make things easier and cleaner. Meant to be a top notch launcher.
  • Latency issues with hit registration in recent 100 player tests are being addressed.
  • If you have Embers from pre-order packages, you’ll be able to use those in apocalypse to purchase cosmetics or the legendary adventure path. Additionally free players can obtain embers which carry over into the main MMORPG.
  • No Mobile version of the game. Tulnar will be shown when ready.
  • Horde mode is purely PvE. Whereas BR and Castle Siege are PvP.
  • Can we make custom emotes? It would be amazing. No promises.
  • Shields users will be able to actively block projectiles (Active blocking stance) however this is the first rollout and will be reiterated.
  • AoC will not be laggy like other MMORPGs as they are leveraging cloud services to provide servers closer to each region in the world (Similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and New World).
  • Botters/Hackers will be banned. Games have been known to die by botting. They have already started partnering with security resources to handle botting.
  • Confirmed that animations and art will continue to develop and get better as development progresses.
  • Intrepid hopes to provide the best possible experience with My.com and Mail.ru. Huge thank you to the A1/A2 backers.
  • Community Manager announced soonTM. She has lots of MMO experience.

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