2/26/21 Livestream Transcript

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February 26th Livestream Transcription

– Intrepid Studios shares development update towards the March Milestone.

Quick Updates:

  • New February website update is live: https://ashesofcreation.com/
  • Working on a ‘True Raid Boss’ with multiple phases for the alpha.
  • New Studio move is currently slated for July but depends on covid.
  • 35 minute gameplay streamer encompassed the majority of the stream.


Studio Updates: Of the 35 new positions that we opened up, we have filled in around 9 of them. We’re hoping to move into the new studio around July, however it depends on the situation with the pandemic.


Design Team Update: We had our second test last week and did hit some snags. We’ve spent our time deep diving into those snags and will be having some spot testing early next week. It’s incredibly important that we are able to figure these things out early in development and I cannot stress enough how grateful we are to have testers to iron out these issues early on.

We’ve been working on some world bosses, two party-sized bosses and a True raid boss with true raid mechanics that is slated for this alpha. We’re working on putting the new iterative changes in quick so we can test them immediately to have them ready for the upcoming tests.



QnA Session

Q: For the packs on the shop that include game time, when do they start counting down?
A: The account will have applicable subscription time and you will choose when to activate it.

Q: Planned character limit for guild names?
A: 32 characters? Not too sure, I need to double check.

Q: Can a family only increase by 1 by marriage or can a family essentially double in size if everyone ties the knot?
A: No, the marriage has specific costs/slots. So only the head of the family can increase the size by 1 when they get married.

Q: If the node your freehold is in, is successfully sieged, can you loot/pillage your own freehold?
A: No. If you are registered as a defender (Some are registered as defenders as default if you are a citizen for example) that will prevent you from participating in the looting rights.

Q: Will cities be influenced by the topography around them?
A: The way it currently works is that it’s capable of adjusting the topography of the node’s footprint regardless of the surrounding terrain. The reason for that is to have flexibility, both from an aesthetic standpoint and mechanical standpoint. That’s not to say that the surrounding area is not going to have some influence, because putting a node on the side of a mountain or the edge of a cliff, we do want it to have some influence but that needs some further testing.

Q: Do you plan to have any environment specific skills such as indoor/outdoor specific skills?
A: Probably not. We’re still playing with skill interactions with certain elements or environments, but that needs further testing.

Q: Will you need to have early access to pre-make your character before launch?
A: We have not currently decided on that yet and will let you know once we decide. 

Q: What is the overarching name for the universe that has verra + sanctus?
A: We cannot share that right now.

Q: Have you considered a system where you can hide your identity for the purpose of guild spying?
A: We’ve talked about it, but we do not have an explicit system for this.

Q: How do you plan to make the potential rewards for defending a caravan appealing to people when picking a side for PvP?
A: In the same vein that we make any participation rewarded. The caravan defender role will have its own progression, questing and rewards associated with it. Same way, we’ll have incentives for the more caravan raider-esque players. Obviously these types of systems need to have more robust and consequential rewards as they should not be one sided. Social incentive between players is also a factor. 


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