3/27/20 Livestream Transcript

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March 27th Livestream Transcription

– Major Alpha 1 development update and 2020 A1 GDC preview.

(Note from Shaze: I recommend watching the stream instead of reading the notes for this one: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/576760259)

Quick Rundown of the Pre-Alpha preview:

  • Large Alpha 0 Map slice
  • Updated Quest system + Quest Sharing with party
  • Updated UI elements (Party UI/Minimap/Quest Log)
  • Resource Collection (Mining nodes)
  • (Royal Grade Mounts) True flight/Gliding on Griffons
  • Hybrid Combat 2.0 (Tab + Action early stages)
  • Basic Mayor node management systems
  • Realtime Node development
  • Basic Fishing System
  • Caravan PvP-Flagging system
  • Dungeon slice (Emberstorm Dragon Boss fight)
  • And much much much more- Watch the stream!

Mayors dedicate a certain portion of the coffer money for conscripting mercenaries, escorts for caravans, issue buy orders, send emissaries to build trade agreements. As players keep pledging their citizenship to a node, the buy in cost keeps increasing to prevent everyone from joining that one node. The Mayor could also hurt the citizens in a negative way, which results in players having to take control and ensure the Mayor does not get re-elected in the next election cycle. Early fishing provides materials for alchemical progression. Larger fish whose materials will be required for more expensive crafts. Certain types of fish can only be caught while fishing from a boat or ship. Once a building has its banners assigned, the building becomes ready to interact with.

Q: Has Corona affected Intrepid’s milestone dates?
A: We have been incredibly fortunate and not lost any jobs. We did have to do some things differently and there could be effects if we have to do this for a long period of time. The biggest hit is taken by our hiring schedule.

Few Updated UI Snapshots:


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