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Second Pathfinder Campaign

Ashes of Creation Lore Reveal – The following lore is canon to the Ashes of Creation MMORPG, taken from the 24-Hour charity stream The Arrival: Barefoot with a toothy grin, Casseia was a sight to behold. Gangly and lanky, she hardly…

Journey For Knowledge

A Journey for Knowledge

A Journey for Knowledge This article is a compilation of the lore and information pertaining to the background lore of the world of Verra in Ashes of Creation. This article will be kept updated as more Apocalypse lore is revealed. Most of…

AoC Pathfinder Campaign

24-Hour Pathfinder Campaign

AoC Campaign Live Tracker This post was updated live alongside the 03-11-2018 extra life livestream. Click on the embed below to activate the campaign map. The live blog is located at the bottom of the post or can be found here. …

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