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This post was updated live alongside the 03-11-2018 extra life livestream.
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Campaign Info

Campaign Name: Whispers in the Darkness
 CEO / Creative Director Steven Sharif
Players: Lead Designer Jeffrey Bard, Lead Programmer Kevin McPherson, Sr. Producer Peter Pilone, Programmer Alex Khudoliy, and Lead Board Game Consultant Clifford Robbins
Number of Players: 5 + 1
Characters: 6 per player (1 active, 5 reserve)
World: Verra (Ashes of Creation)
Classes: Paladin, Skald (Bard), Cavallier, Cleric and Druid.

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Racial Lore/Backstory revealed

Aela Humans

Within the temples of the seven, there exist different levels of devotion. Orders of the seven, each of the orders answers to a different hierarchy. Some of the notable orders: The Aelan empire is the most recent successor of the once great house of Lyneth. For over one thousand years the house of Lyneth ruled over the Aela. A golden age endured for most of their reign. It was only during the dawn of the last century before the fall, during the Great War of the Undying, that the house fell. With no suitable hier to the Lyneth throne the country fell into chaos. What arose is the fragile republic we see today. Overseen by the Emperor elected through the Council of Five: The five who govern the greatest cities on the Empire. The Aelan empire is by far the largest nation in all of Verra, with over eight million souls among its inhabitants. Aelans also represent the single largest population on Verra. Their borders touch upon every other nation; and with their interests of expansion on the seas of Verra, they are able to deploy their widely feared armies to any shore. The Empire uses this fear to bully many city states, bending them to their will. Those who deny the will of the Empire often find themselves at the end of a sword.


Kaivek Orcs

The Kaivek have always adhered to a strict code of tribal loyalty… Roughly thirteen centuries before the fall, a leader named Ran’Kal united the clans into a nation called the Kaivek Protectorate. Kal taught that all Orcs answer to the protection of the divine order. This teaching expressed the belief that it was the will of the gods that all Orc kind should have superiority over the nations of Verra. For it was only through the unity of the clans that the people of Verra would be lead to enlightenment. It was the teachings of Kal that lead the Kaivek to pursue campaigns of conquest across the lands of Verra. Where the Orcs were once nomadic and divided before Kal, through his leadership they became a powerful nation united in conquest. Trophies of each city conquered is found in the capital city of Ren. [Just before the fall] the Kaivek Protectorate have adopted a policy of peaceful coexistence with their neighbors. Having endured centuries of conflict, leaders rose among them echoing the teachings of peace. These recent reformations have once again begun to lead to a fracturing of the Protectorate. Some unrest among the clans have called for a culling of those who are unworthy of the protection from the divine order.


Dünzenkell Dwarves

Deep in the mountains of Verra legend tells of a forge created by the gods, from whence all Dwarves are originated. Fabled to be the first created of the major races, the Dwarves are said to have arrived on the continents with ships made of stone and steel. Dwarven smiths and craftsmen are found far and wide across Verra. The center of the Dwarven race is the nation of Dünzenkell, found deep in the northern mountains. Dwarven society tends to be heavily matriarchal and their clans existing under the oftentimes eldest matriarch. Dwarves are closely connected to one-another by alliances forged between family guilds. The Dwarven child is marked at a young age with his or her guild sigil. Some dwarves banished from Dünzenkell or having chose to walk a path alone will often have their sigls burned from their skin. The Dünzenkell nation, deep within the mountains of Verra exists the oldest nation in the world. The Dünzenkell have been known as many names over the ages, but only one name has graced the highest mountain, within which their capital has stood since the beginning of recorded history: Dün. The Dwarves of the Dünzenkell rule through a council of guilds. A royal family is chosen once every 200 years by this council to rule. Currently the right to rule falls on the shoulders of King Grimlay. It has been nearly 400 years since a king has lead the Dünzenkell. Traditionally this role falls to the matriarchs of the family. Expeditions are often sent into the Underrealm from Dün; and there many believe lies the source of secrets among the Dwarves and their success with mastering artisanship. Untold magic lies deep within Verra. It’s source not known to many. Dünzenkell has long benefited from this source though. It has fueled the expansion of the Dwarven kingdoms throughout the northern mountains.


Pyrian Elves

For over 4,000 years the Pyrian royal family of Eradal has endured. The kingdom has seen its share of wars. The kingdom’s borders encompass the great forest of Eranthia. The capital of Amera is among the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. Its royal families can trace their lines back to the days of the Dark Fires. The Pyrian universities of magic and martial studies are unparalleled in the lands of Verra. Many of the citizens of the Kingdom venture out into the lands of Verra wishing to spread their knowledge of art and science to their fellow Verrans. These ventures are often subsidized by the royal households of Pyria for hopes it will foster a better relationship with their Human neighbors. Once a close ally of Aela and the house of Lyneth, the Pyrian Kingdom and Aelean Empire ended one of the bloodiest wars in Verran history. Eighty years have passed since the last bloodshed; and although tensions have subsided among the citizens of the two nations, there remains a heightened level of distrust among the Empire’s new rulers and the royal family of Pyria. The Elven race is generally a secretive one and exists within the Pyrian kingdom. Primarily a patriarchal society, Elves tend to keep within the natural borders of their forests. It has only been over the past millennia that the riverlands have begun to see colonies of Elves exist. Elven scholars, dignitaries and pioneers can often be found in many of the human cities: Though their presence is rarely seen in sites other than archaeological, academic or diplomatic. Rumors do abound throughout the darker circles of Verra that there lies a particular lineage of Elves that exist within the Underrealm of Verra.


Creation Lore/Backstory reveal

The story of creation tells us of a race of beings known as The Ancients. Created in the likeness of what was once The Ten. The Ten imbued all of their qualities into one race to have stewardship over all of creation. The power of the Ancients grew and a rift divided the Ten in how to accommodate their new creation. Three of the Ten separated from the others and began to teach the Ancients the Secrets of the Essence. The Essence is present in all magic: Divine, corrupt, it doesn’t really matter. You can pervert the Essence to bring about types of magic that are not divine. When the Seven learned of this, a great celestial battle ensued. Eons passed and you watched as the fight continued through the celestial kingdom. Some say it was the fight the created the stars and heaven we see today. With every blow between the Ten a star was born. When the battle was complete, the others and the Ancients were banished by the Seven into the Void. The Seven found the error their ways and decided to split their qualities into four races instead of one; and this is how the Humans, Elves, Orcs and Dwarves came to be. You watch as the Seven created Verra and placed each of the races within their respective locations.

Verra is a world with rich and diverse cultures. Much of its recorded history has been dominated by the major races. Humans in the coast and plains, Orcs within the hills and marshes, Elves in the forest and river lands, and the esteem Dwarves of the mountains. The major races have held dominance through countless wars and skirmishes between the lesser races of Verra. Decades may pass between these flair ups of violence. There are many minor races on Verra. Some of the minor races exist in makeshift villages – or tribes, if you will. Some of the major villages among the minor races are comprised primarily of the giants, less reputable sex of human, gnomes, and halflings (not in official sense, but actually half bloods of different races). Wandering the darker places in the world lie truly sinister abominations of creation. The great churches of civilization often dispatch heroes of the state to eliminate these threats to mortals. There currently exists four great nations on Verra – this is 25 years roughly before the fall: the Aela empire, Pyrian kingdom, Kaivek protector of the nation and the Dunzenkell. There were not only four great nations. Long ago, the races were more divided into many nations and city states. In the 7000 years of recorded history, wars upon wars were fought – some for land, others for resources and many for beliefs. Royal houses stood and fell over the years, some now long bereft of lordship. Many city states exist in Verra – some self-governed, bastions of democracy and republics alike. Others are vassal states at the behest of their benefactors.


Human Magic Academy Lore

Academy of Human Wizards – There are several great universities across the world of Verra during this time period in particular [25 years before the fall]. Most of them convene a Council of Knowledge, they call it. The Council of Knowledge consists of the greatest minds from each nation. They really don’t recognize borders or politics for the most part. Unless their governments try to meddle in their affairs of their pursuit of knowledge. The greatest and most respected elders in the ways of magic – which is basically learning how to manipulate what’s called the Essence: That’s from where all magic flows – and understanding how the Essence exists in parity with your Life Spark and the world around you: The Universe itself. The greatest of these wizards are found in the Pyrian kingdom; and they are solely in pursuit of knowledge as we read earlier with regards to the Pyrian Elves.


Ashes of Creation Board Game

Clifford Robins spoke at length about the AoC board game. They have created a board game for ashes of creation, has gone through play testing and they are waiting for artwork and class abilities. We (Intrepid) have played it several times. You pick a class and you are attempting to build a guild that takes over the server of ashes of creation. You work to control resources and obtain server firsts. You get to build and construct your guild. Spend action tokens for battles and other activities. There are several types of guild combat, raid bosses, other guilds. Attacking raid bosses makes it a co-op so you work together to take it down, depends on what stage the game is at. At its core, it is a combat and resource management game. Your resources etc. are kept a secret as you use these to win battles. Comes with an adjustable map, comes with 6 components you can put together, comes with expansion packs, very fun game. 20 mins per person. You get to build and construct your build you get action tokens. You can attack caravans. There is an instance arena, there is a character with sheet that tracks abilities, when you do fights there’s a bid from your resources, follows gold, combat skill.

There will be additional map tiles through expansions. Different structures that can be built, over 40 different structures exist, which let you do things. 6 basic characters. Expansions have special races besides the 6 basic ones such as half orcs. There’s 2 blocks on the board, class skills and artwork that require finalizing. Expected price is around 50$ at minimum, however below 100$. Most likely set to release during the Beta phases of the main MMORPG.

(Clifford: Are we going to tell them it’s going to be on Kickstarter? Steven: Probably not)

Link to the below google doc can also be found here.


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