10/12/19 Twitch QnA


October 12th Twitch QnA



  • Castle siege extremely likely this year – Coming shortly.
  • Just hired a new UX designer, who has 16 years exp from Blizzard, he starts Monday.
  • Currently layering is still not planned, want the world to feel inhabited, want contested areas and scarce resources to have an impact.
  • But on the other hand, servers can experience interesting things from a population standpoint, like crazy queue times.
  • Also too many servers results in bad server health needing server merges.
  • So its possible that one of the solutions we’re thinking of is periods when layering is active.
  • Then way we depopulate the layers as the population stabilizes post-launch.
  • This prevents dead servers and keeps friends together etc. Its something we’re THINKING about, just thinking for now. But we do want to solve the queue issues.
  • One of the thoughts we were thinking about a primary layer with world bosses only, so that they dont get duplicated, we dont know, its still just thoughts, we have to think about it more.


Additional Notes

  • Regarding name changes – Names are tied to server reputation. If someone makes a reputation for themselves, they should not be able to get rid of it with ease.
  • Nodes 3 video around Alpha 2 or just after Alpha 1 – Want it to be representative of the state that its in. Since we’re nearing Alpha 1, want it to look awesome.
  • Horde mode is designed around testing node sieges, events, AI, monsters skills and abilities, boss mechanics, additional stat testing on characters and the skills that they have, set bonuses, armor and item abilities.
  • Steven’s favourite Biome is Winter/Snow.
  • 3x Nighthunter Gryphons were given out on stream.
  • 3x Armor of the Golden sun were given out on stream.


Battle Royale Updates

  • With the new map, experience should we twice as fast as games are shorter.
  • We should be getting leaderboards – probably – by the end of next week.
  • Leaderboards will NOT be retro-active they will be a fresh board when added.
  • About 5 people were banned yesterday (Friday) for teaming, so please continue reporting teamers, extra sad because they had cosmetics.

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