8/14/19 Discord QnA

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August 14th Discord QnA

– Steven addresses concerns over Apocalypse being launched on Steam.

Q: How will accounts work with Intrepid and My.com accounts for EU users?
A: With the MMORPG, if you have a My.games account and you want to play on an Intrepid server, you will be able to migrate your mygames account to Intrepid with its belongings. The migration will be an easy process. 

Q: Why arent you considering putting the MMORPG on Steam?
A: Steam as a platform does take a % of revenue, exposure they provide to their users, CDN costs, and so Steam takes a 30% cut. So from a business standpoint, we dont feel its necessary. Self publishing in NA is our projected course in our regard. Everything said in development comes with an asterisk of ‘things can change’. I want developers to feel free and speak as much as they can about their plans just in case things change in the future. If things changes like Apoc on steam, its really a matter of how things change. With apoc it definitely serves a purpose/services and being able to throw as many users as possible and not having ramped up marketing for apoc, we can use steam to make up for the users. Also provides a healthy population for matchmaking type games.

Q: Will Apoc continue to be on steam?
A: For what apoc is, as a matchmaking game, it fits well on steam – Its a free to play cosmetic only shop with matchmaking based instanced gameplay. Having the exposure of number of users that steam can allow is nice. So Yes, it will continue on steam up until the launch of the MMO and perhaps even after. Our marketing will ramp up significantly as we get closer to launch so we wont have to worry about putting the MMORPG on steam.

Steven:  Who is going to play Archeage classic btw? I think it’d be cool if they did it as a sub game with no pay to win. I feel it’d be nice to see the industry move away from the microtransaction model and to the sub based or healthier models.

Q: What will happen to you NA stuff when you migrate to EU and vice versa?
A: It will move over with you to EU. The only thing that wont move over to a different publisher would be if there were region specific marketplace purchases or event rewards/cosmetics, like holiday specific stuff, those things might not move over. If you’re talking about moving over post-launch like transferring characters from NA to EU – that will not happen. But purchases and items pre-launch can be moved over. This does not include in-game achievements or owned items, but purchases like skins etc. 

Q: Will migrating mean both NA/EU accounts will have lifetime sub?
A: No. You will only have it on one region. In the future when these types of services become available there will be a full document explaining things that will be made available.

Q: You’ve said Intrepid/KS pack holders would get Apocalypse paths always for free, is that still the case?
A: All alpha 1 holders get a lifetime battle pass for Apocalypse. Might have to double check that, but it should be accurate. Also, anyone that has purchased a beta or alpha access gets the first compendium season for free. (Confirmed, A1 testers get lifetime compendium(“battlepass”) to Apoc)

Q: Regarding account transfers, could we not do it like Blizzard where we just log in to different servers with one account?
A: What I’d do is, I’d defer the account migration questions to down the road when these services are needed, because we’ll be putting out a proper document then. These are my thoughts and they might change later.

Q: Are you going to Gamescom this year?
A: Very likely not. However I might be. But I will say we have a fun video planned for that date. But for now, no plans for Gamescom.

Q: Will we have EU servers?
A: Yes. 

Q: But you said we’d have EU servers last time too.
A: Yes, we had some issues last time, but we’ve been testing on EU now so it should be good. We’ve also set up Singapore servers for OCE region in the immediate future. We will explore additional server sites for the future

Steven has to run due to a phone call

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