Apocalypse Patch Notes 1.0.114

Apocalypse Patch Notes 1.0.114

Hotfix Notes

  • Fall damage adjusted to be more forgiving.
  • Bonesmasher hemorrhage damage reduced.
  • Party member names are not properly displayed within the Lobby.
  • Fix for Players place message in victory screen.
  • FPS increase related to terrain.
  • Fix for parties not forming sometimes.
  • Fix for characters equipment not loading sometimes.
  • Compendium, quest, and XP not updating sometimes.

Known Issues

  • Names over player characters in parties are currently not displaying.
  • VOIP is currently off due to some issues we are working to resolve.
  • Duos is displaying as an option, but please use Solos or Squads.


  • Fixed an issue causing players to receive no experience.
  • Fixed warning bug on death.
  • Updated fall velocity to 1400 from 2300.
  • Updated fall damage multiplies to .1 from .25 (Since our fall damage velocity is 1400 now).
  • Players will no longer animate incorrectly when double jumping.
  • Fixed a staff ability issue causing it to fire more than once.
  • Fixed attack interrupt with abilities.
  • Fixing jitters in root motion on client that were allowing uninterrupted gap closers to have some forward momentum.
  • Updated one-handed staff attack combo.
  • Made updates to healing & repairing armor.
  • Increased the range on mana drop so that we won’t overlap to auto pickup.
  • Added stacks of items to be splittable.
  • Items can now be tossed into the world from inventory and or hotbar.
  • Fixed longbow reload.
  • Fix for frigid tracks not spawning sometimes.

User Interface

  • Added support for a Broadcast Message, displaying for players in the lobby and in-game. Message displays across the screen for 5 seconds when triggered.
  • The mute button now remains present when a player opens the settings menu.
  • Several lobby buttons now remain active while connecting to a match.
  • Incorporated a fix for the compendium purchase.
  • Resolved region select issue causing players to not properly assign their correct region.
  • Regions will now be selected by default.
  • The escape window now scales better with wide screen.
  • Settings menu in ultra wide resolution should now line up properly.
  • Settings Menu options should now align properly with widescreen resolution.
  • Credits should now scale properly for wide screen.
  • Fixed a bug where if you were in the lobby and opened the credits you could open the settings as well, causing issues.
  • Calculation for team experience bonus has been moved to the correct place.
  • Removed adding all shop items to player wardrobe while in the editor.
  • Added kill feed text overlay.
  • Removed debugging markers.
  • Fixed an issue where survival time tracking was not properly working.
  • Damage stats no longer include overkill and damage done to downed players.
  • Fixing purchasing items and seeing them instantly.
  • Created a loading screen that shows up before the lobby is loaded and isn’t dismissed until the lobby is “ready” (stormancer is connected, stores, armory, player avatar showing, etc).
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the ‘View’ button after earning a level took you to a blank area.
  • Added fixes for the armory panel.
  • Fixed notification bug.
  • De-buff icons should now align properly in the user interface..
  • Added player names to lobby.
  • Removed ‘-‘ from acceptable characters for display names.
  • Fixing double alive players decrementing and client score updating in spectator mode when it shouldn’t.
  • Barber pole for armor repair.
  • Removing complete adventures from adventure list.


  • Scepter quest should now work properly.
  • Fixed daily objectives.
  • Fixed quest objectives.
  • Fixed incorrect quest descriptions.
  • Added short description to quest item renderers.
  • Fix for compendium being corrupted in game session until restart.
  • Bonus experience capturing completed quests on client stats.


  • Removed a tree with no collision. It’s still a happy little tree. Don’t worry.
  • Updated visual FX for storm (improved clouds, improved wall, and logic for controlling the bulge of the sky clouds).
  • Crossbow focus hand position has been adjusted.
  • Fix an issue causing flying mount barding to not load.
  • Updated animations and items to support weapon fire delay.
  • Reverting scepter back to not use delay logic.
  • Fixed the issue with the effect not disappearing with scepter.
  • Bug fix causing characters to float.
  • Fixed the issue with characters penetrating the ground in lobby.
  • Updated crouch pose and all upper body blends per weapon to work with new pose.
  • Updated idle crouch foot position.
  • Updated crouch pose for crouch attacks.
  • Crouch idle pose completed for all weapons attacks.
  • Adding reload to Longbow.
  • Weapon trails have been added again.
  • Lowered the global Z plane in world settings below the landscape further, this was at water level previously. Ocean water landscape is being adjusted so players can land in water and not die immediately. Not dying is nice.
  • Added water volume for ocean. This will change player footsteps when entering water.
  • Adjusted color of the ocean water material to look more realistic.
  • Adjusting landscape at ocean level to be around players knee height.
  • Adjusted water material foam tiling.
  • Fixed issue with broken storm BP. It should no longer crash the game due to missing asset. Yay, for crash bug fix!
  • Modular roof intersections are now built with better user interface for rooflines.
  • Perimeter wall sublevels have been added.
  • Added castle column collision.
  • Texture LOD optimization.
  • Removed empty destructible actors.
  • Added all armor sets skin weights, and fixed some mesh that had clipping issues.
  • Base feature set complete on modular blueprint system.
  • LakeMarket Bridge fix.
  • Lakeside Market fix.
  • Crouch Slot attacks for Staff.
  • Updated root motion to switch modes to flying to fix up the hill issue we were experiencing, forced the duration of root motion to be at least 400ms as suggested by the EPIC (fixes simulation lag).


  • Added sound and stinger for when a player is in a downed state.
  • Lowered footstep sounds.
  • Raised volume of longbow.
  • Various UI sounds have been updated.
  • Added water volume for footstep sounds when players are in water.
  • Fixed reload audio.
  • Re-prioritized all impact assets.
  • Updated projectile audio.
  • Updates to weapon reloads.
  • Removed unused logic from audio sub-level.

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