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Discord QnA Transcript

2/17/19 Discord QnA

February 17th Discord QnA – Steven offers clarification and in-depth explanation on the Apocalypse Testing, potential delays, new hires and ships. Q: Why does the game feel unfinished? A: This is testing. Not a launch. Need to test these network changes…

Discord QnA Transcript

2/14/19 Discord QnA

February 14th Discord QnA – Steven shares more on Flying Mounts, The producer’s letter and Steam. Q: How’s the producers letter coming Steven, will we see it this week? A: Not this week. Most likely this month, but as I stated,…

Discord QnA Transcript

2/07/19 Discord QnA

February 7th Discord QnA – Steven discusses Castle Regions, Economic Regions, Node/Metropolis ZOI and Taxes. Q: Do Castles influence the region around them?  Or just the 3 nodes attached to the castle? A: The region around them, which is 1/5th of…

Livestream Transcription

12/13/18 Livestream Transcript

December 13th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid showcases Battle Royale assets within the MMORPG, Node system UI, Fishing UI, New questing UI and addresses current animation/graphics concerns. Welcome Notice The video is the current state of the MMORPG. Their goal is to…

Discord QnA Transcript

12/06/18 Discord QnA

December 6th Discord QnA – Steven clarifies BR monetization, Castle Siege information, Apocalypse concerns, Funding for Battle Royale servers. Q: What happens on finding the second sandal? A: Finding the second easter egg sandal makes something interesting happen. (Sarcasm) Q: Will…

Livestream Transcription

12/06/18 Livestream Transcript

December 6th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid announces Apocalypse, shares Apocalypse lore, Battle Royale Monetization, Adventure Path info and provides explanation on Skins. Announcement of the new server room, Lots of new hires. Intrepid thanks players for their contribution, especially A1/A2 testers.…

AoC Pathfinder Campaign

24-Hour Pathfinder Campaign

AoC Campaign Live Tracker This post was updated live alongside the 03-11-2018 extra life livestream. Click on the embed below to activate the campaign map. The live blog is located at the bottom of the post or can be found here. …

24h stream

11/03/18 Livestream Transcript

November 3rd Livestream Transcription – 24 Hour Pathfinder Campaign. Pre-Apocalypse Lore. Ancient Beings. Set in the world of Verra roughly 25 years before the fall of Verra. Full Campaign + Lore can be found here 

Livestream Transcription

10/31/18 Livestream Transcript

October 31st Livestream Transcription – Halloween Stream, Contest Winners, MMORPG Preview, Battle Royale Concerns, November Cosmetics Testing going well. Working on server stability. Working on server side framerate. Server side frame rate is important for logging packet data, to prevent lag.…

Discord QnA Transcript

8/08/18 Discord QnA

August 8th Discord QnA – Information on Guilds and Alliance systems, Healing in Action Combat, Cosmetics, Character appearances and Housing.   Guilds Regarding Guild balance, in objective based PvP, they’d like to see smaller numbers (Example 150vs300) succeed due to mobility, organization, speed…