Presenting The Ashes Post!

We’d like to present our community project for the Ashes of Creation community!

The Ashes Post is a site created by members of the AoC community to function as a platform for content creators that strive to provide the best content for Ashes of Creation. We hope to build on this project for the community to help share and discover all things Ashes of Creation. So if you’re a content creator and would like to contribute to this platform with your work, follow one of the submission methods listed below and we’ll get in touch. While The Ashes Post is focused on being a community platform, closer to the Beta testing phases, we intend to begin publishing a monthly magazine with contributions from the entire community- consisting of Articles, QnA columns, Interviews, Artwork, Screenshots, Guides,  Resources and more.

If you’re a community member struggling with content creation or would like a helping hand, reach out to us! We’re incredibly blessed to have a team that consists of some of the most skilled graphic artists, news writers, video editors and coders that will do our utmost to assist you.

:AshesPost: Send your submissions via:

:AshesPost: Editors & Streamers can apply at:

:AshesPost: For queries and support: Shaze#7493 & Cliff#0666

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