10/31/18 Livestream Transcript

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October 31st Livestream Transcription

– Halloween Stream, Contest Winners, MMORPG Preview, Battle Royale Concerns, November Cosmetics

  • Testing going well.
  • Working on server stability.
  • Working on server side framerate.
  • Server side frame rate is important for logging packet data, to prevent lag.
  • Client side fps is your pc not being good enough.
  • Server side frame rate needs to be above 20fps to avoid lag on the client side.
  • Up until 8 days ago there was lag.
  • However since, they’ve addressed it and the lag is gone.
  • Current server frame rate they were able to achieve is 55fps.
  • Player density is an important focus.
  • Important to observe player feedback.
  • BR mode is fun, but not MMORPG.
  • End goal is 24×7 testing (Very very soon, few things such as multi regions such as EU need to be locked in)

MMORPG Alpha 1 Phase 2 content being shown

  • Dynamic day/night/weather cycles confirmed.
  • Rain will create puddles.
  • Monsters will react to weather. (Giant spider moving to a new home due to rain)
  • Catfall on ranger.
  • Icy footsteps + Blink = Large distance ice path.
  • Stage 3 node shown with NPC’s and merchants.

NPC’s, basic store:

  • Catfall boots with tab target does not jump as high as BR mode.
  • Flashy skills/animations will be adjusted later in development.
  • Night time looks bright due to volumetric lighting issues with the fog.
  • Cities will look very different even if they’re at the same stage. Different aspects will be taken into account such as location/type/race to change the look.
  • Elite monsters have abilities/skills that they cast.

QnA in Progress

  • Alpha 1 Phase 2 is due march/april 2019.
  • New Halloween cosmetics being shown, live on friday Nov 2nd.
  • Over 40,000 Alpha/Beta testers currently.
  • They’ve noticed confusion and dislike towards BR mode, they want to address it.
  • Addressing BR concerns via:
    • Phase 1 will no longer be referred to it as Phase 1, it will instead be referred to as: Apocalypse
    • BR, Castle Siege and Horde mode will be moved into a side arena, open to EVERYONE (All 3 projects are a side of the main game)
  • APOC folder = Apocalypse
  • Lore-wise, apocalypse refers to people in Verra fighting for survival who did not leave through the gate and are stuck facing the corruption
  • Battle Royale refers to players fighting to survive
  • Castle siege are the last bastions while the world was flooded with corruption
  • Horde mode will be the last and final stand against the corruption.
  • This is being done to void all confusion about BR modes etc.
  • Rewards gained in apocalypse will carry over to main game.
  • All apocalypse content will be free to play (?) (Needs clarification)
  • Participation and performance in all 3 apocalypse modes will reward you with cosmetics, housing, furniture, emotes, weapon variants etc.
  • Characters and rewards in the Apocalypse mode will carry over to the main game.
  • Housing system will be pushed forward and made available in apocalypse.
  • November = 24×7 testing for Apocalypse (Phase 1) – 2-4 weeks from now.
  • Node stage 3 will be when you’ll see the node type kick in.
  • Military nodes will have Barracks. Scientific will have University.
  • Economic will have Marketplace. Divine will have Temples.
  • Pets will attack enemies, doing so will flag you as a combatant as the pet is a proxy of the player
  • New website expected to go live soon.
  • Winners of Halloween 2018 event announced.
  • Closing video of Intrepid Halloween Office tour.

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