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February 7th Discord QnA

– Steven discusses Castle Regions, Economic Regions, Node/Metropolis ZOI and Taxes.

Q: Do Castles influence the region around them?  Or just the 3 nodes attached to the castle?
A: The region around them, which is 1/5th of the map.

Q: Which parts of the node system are they (Castles) excluded from?
A: Many systems such as – citizenship, zones of influence, freehold system, govt, societies, etc. No Freeholds are permitted on the 3 nodes tied to the castle. There are quests that are available in the castle nodes.

Q: What about Caravans?
A: They can receive and launch caravans.

Q: How does Node taxing work for Castles?
A: Node taxes apply to the node itself and their freeholds. Castles impose a tax on all revenue for the nodes within its region. A castle will collect taxes on all nodes within its region, a castles region is 1/5th the game world.

Q: What about a Metropolis?
A: A metro’s zone of influence is also 1/5th the game world. Theoretically a castle can have a metropolis besides it.

Q: It used to be said that castles have 3 nodes next to it, so we always assumed that’s as big as its influence goes?
A: The 3 castle nodes are primarily meant for establishing the castles abilities particularly during sieges.

Q: Outside of taxes, is there more power a Castle has over its region?
A: Yes, crop yields, resources and events.

Q: How can castles have 1/5 of the game world and metros be 1/5th of the game world? in theory a castle could have multiple metros under its zoi?
A: A castles control is exerted through the term “region” and a node’s control is through its ZOI (Zone of Influence) They overlap. The castles region boundaries are static.

Q: Can you please explain the differences between castles, regions, ZOI etc?
A: Castles and Economic regions are static and more closely defined by geographic points of interest. Castle regions are larger and encompass multiple economic regions. Where as, a nodes ZOI is fluid and changes it’s area based on the progression of the node itself and the progression of its neighboring nodes.

Q: Can a castle’s static region, a node’s ZOI and an Economic region overlap?
A: Yes, all 3 can overlap.

Q: So… a Castle and economic region are the same place for everyone, and every server. You don’t choose them, you just occupy them?
A: Castles and economic regions are static yes. That is necessary for many of the systems. But the nodes are the glue that hold those castle and economic regions together in potential synergy or chaos.

Q: What can a guild do with the resources and taxes it earns through owning a castle? Can it, like nodes, just be used on improving the area? If so, what happens on a successful siege with the resources left in the castle?
A: That’s a large answer with many systems. The short answer is both.

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