8/08/18 Discord QnA

August 8th Discord QnA

– Information on Guilds and Alliance systems, Healing in Action Combat, Cosmetics, Character appearances and Housing.



  • Regarding Guild balance, in objective based PvP, they’d like to see smaller numbers (Example 150vs300) succeed due to mobility, organization, speed etc.
  • However for large scale PvP on the field, they’d expect the larger numbers to win. At the end it comes down to how well organized guilds are, their structure and their leadership.
  • You can push the guild cap to 300 members, however putting guild points into it would result in you sacrificing skill points towards other guild skills.
  • Castles are guild vs guild only. Castle sieges will be open world and non-instanced. Will have participation structure.
  • Participation structure will exist as to who can take part in the event.
  • A good example of participation structure – Guild members only during attacking/defending castles. Node citizenship required for Node sieges, etc.
  • Creation of Guild Requirement: Material Requirement, Questline Requirement, Player requirement (5 for now), Monetary Requirement.
  • Guild leader will have to start a quest to create an alliance, will have the ability to invite other guild leaders to the alliance.
  • Alliance wont have member cap, but will instead have a total guilds cap.
  • Alliance’s will have defacto friendship, Resource pooling in alliance bank, participation in certain questlines, Gear affiliations, Alliance chat feature.
  • Siege equipment will require materials, structure and pre-planning.
  • The above equipment will require a summoning sheet/scroll.
  • Siege equipment types: Vehicles, handheld siege weapons, certain siege equipment will require multiple players to function.
  • Alpha 1 will have static siege equipment for attackers to utilize, summoned siege equipment during later stages of testing. Siege equipment meant to provide significant advantages.


Healing in Action Combat

  • Regarding Healing in Action combat, there will be certain skill builds implemented based on the class system into Castle Siege and Horde Mode.
  • Action targeting for healing will work in various ways. For example: AOE healing around caster, reticle based healing to launch healing projectile emphasizing skill.
  • Augmentations meant to be ‘skirting the line of your role’
  • The augmentations with the class system offers you something between pure roles (Tank, Healer, DPS) and roles that completely deviate from the pure roles.
  • Necromancers will be able to choose life or death style of playstyles.
  • Death side of augmentation will have Damage, Life leech, manipulate enemy ability to survive.



  • Alpha 1 Phase 1 most likely September 3rd week.
  • Bear McCreary music in Alpha 2. Corruption will be tested in Alpha 1 Phase 2.
  • Estimation: 3 headstart servers, might reduce it down to 2.
  • No news on EU publisher, however prep for EU servers has begun to meet launch next month.
  • Stock system will not be present in Alpha 1. However merchant system and player trading will be available in Alpha 1 Phase 1.
  • Regarding name reservation: You are reserving a specific character name not family name.
  • Name reservation will be first come first serve within the tier that you own. So 10,000$ backer will have priority over other tiers. (Kickstarter first, Summer backer next, etc.)
  • Character sheet will allow you to write ‘lore’ or backstory for your characters to promote in-depth characters.
  • Website (WIP) to offer in-depth optional character sheet with character details.
  • Alpha 1 will have hotkey/keybind customization.
  • You will be able to use the left click for basic weapon attack. Right mouse button has ‘focus attacks’ which activates certain functions on attacks.
  • Difficult to separate macros from scripts, easier to block macros and avoid scripting issues.
  • Hopefully, monthly character creation competitions.
  • You will be able to save character presets to load and share with others.
  • Character creation will have set limits on width/height limitations etc unique to each race.
  • Ability to save Housing interior decoration layout might be possible ‘Cherry on top’ feature that they would like to implement.

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