4/17/19 Simurgh Stream Transcript

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April 17th Simurgh Livestream Transcription

– Steven joins the Ashes Pathfinders on their podcast and discusses the scientific node features, citizenship and the progress on web systems. 

Stream Hosts: Simurgh, Daedelus | Stream link

Q: Are the armors from the blogpost obtainable by players?
A: As a member if you choose to participate in the questline the Iron lion has to offer, you will be able to wear those cosmetics as a reward.

Q: Will these be tied to any specific race? Or can anyone partake?
A: Any race can do their questline and take part in them to get their rewards, the Kaelar accept all races.

Q: Since the organization focuses on dampening magic, as a magic user will I have a negative reaction from them?
A: No, based on your class you won’t see a different quest narrative. That isn’t to say there aren’t other quests related to classes, obviously there are, but not with the Iron Lions.

Q: Do you expect to see any synergy between the library and taverns, battlemaps?
A: Those are two distinct systems, since the taverns can exist regardless of node type unlike the library. They are somewhat independent.

Q: Will the specific node type benefits be unavailable to other node types?
A: The benefits to having a broad based diversity of different node types, you’ll see that each type has specific routes for advancing/expediting progress between certain mechanics and systems within the game. Scientific node relates to scientific and artisan branches that help with crafting, building types, etc. While they may be available outside a scientific node, while within one, the process is expedited. So node specializations basically allow you to do certain things faster than other node types by providing faster access than others.

Q: Can a non-citizens access the library?
A: Regarding citizenship, as its a flag present on any character, we have designs ready for Alpha 1, but its something that needs heavy testing in A1/A2 to decide which particular systems are needed for citizens and non-citizens. Its cool because you dont see this in other games, we want players to utilize systems to gain an advantage when gathering/farming etc.

Q: Given citizenship takes priority, what happens when two guild members of opposing nodes are at node war?
A: Then the two guild members are at war with each other. The objective is to provide players with choice so they can choose who they want to support. The reason citizenship is higher than guilds and other player agency, this is due to the fact that nodes are the core of a multitude of systems, hence they are paramount in the affiliation hierarchy. Hence it is normal for conflict to exist between family/friends/guildmates.

Q: Can node wars be at any time unlike sieges which are scheduled?
A: Yes, node wars can happen at any time with a defined win/loss objective for either side to experience.

Q: Does your progress in a certain system like artisan benefit or affect other systems?
A: Yes.

Q: When we talk about mastery certifications for professions like Artisan, do you have to be a citizen to obtain that certification
A: There are 3 states of access that nodes offer.

    1. Non-Affiliated: Just a person passing through
    2. Affiliated: I have progressed in some organizations/quests in the city
    3. Citizenship: Full benefits/services of the node.

Mastery certifications are available via Affiliated and Citizenship, so you might have to do some quests and earn some reputation with that city to be able to acquire the mastery certificate.

Q: Are power and enchantment stones on par with crafted ones?
A: Yes they are on par with crafted ones, however what they differ in is abilities and bonuses provided.

Q: Do you expect runic power stones to be gated in some way?
A: Yes, they will be gated in some form. Some may be gated by citizenship. There are grades of stones as well that offer vertical progression. These grades are made available at higher hunting/crafting and require higher grade materials to craft.

Q: Enchantment and runic power, will this be done via a combination of things or via additional reagent?
A: There will be a process to consume the stone in order to socket it, if you want to re-socket, you’ll need to go through a process to remove the materials and place a new stone. Also applies to essence stones.

Q: Tattoo artist profession still on board?
A: Tattoo artist will most likely be a specialized path that will not necessarily be its own profession. I see it as a slot on the player that can be equipped. Depends on what you want to specialize in.

Q: Will ship building be available at launch?
A: Yes.

Q: What kind of freehold adjacency bonuses do you expect to have for nodes?
A: Gonna save those answers for the upcoming blog.

Q: How is a legendary freehold schematic different from regular schematics? Different tiers are different how?
A: The idea we currently have is via ZOI that freeholds exist in. Each building type and service will have a legendary feature that can be unlocked. The idea behind this feature is to grant it to specific freeholds within a ZOI, remember that freeholds need to be tied to a ZOI. Each metropolis will have an allotment of legendary freehold bonuses that they can allot to freeholds. So those freeholds will have access to it. It will be a mix of first come first serve and performance related factors to acquire them. So after the timer ends, the legendary slot goes back to the node and players try to obtain it again. So its legendary in the way that it’s limited and has to be cycled.

Q: Is freehold earned through lore and story or is it purchased?
A: The freehold flag – which has to be placed in the open world, is available to be granted at stage 3 nodes. There is a questline and material component cost for the player to fulfill.

Q: Will all races be able to wear all cosmetics? Like Elves wear Nikua etc?
A: All cosmetics that are released on website monthly are wearable across all races. There will be race/organization/node/guild specific costumes that can only be worn when meeting criteria etc. For example a crown can only be worn by a king or queen. There will be guild specific armor that can only be worn players if they meet the criteria of being in that respective guild, organization requires being a part of that organization, etc.

Q: The PvP zone around the caravan, how much of it is exactly the PvP zone, climbing over it etc?
A: All caravans conform to a specific min and max hitbox. There’s some degree of difference in sizes, but they will never exceed a certain structure. Caravans are of two different types, system generated ones for quests and player driven where their hitpoints pool becomes one. Can you use it to kite players? Yes you could try that. Can you try to have defenders use LoS? Yes you can do that.

Q: Will you be able to mix and match pieces of sets?
A: Depends, there are some that are full body pieces, but most armor is on a per item basis where you’ll be able to mix and match between the different armors.

Q: In the character creation tool, can we expect custom creations by the staff?
A: You mean character presets? Yes absolutely there will be presets. Things made by our character team etc. so you can mix and match.

Q: Racial specific spell effects are still a thing?
A: With regards to racial variants, there are still plans to have racial specific augments that are presents and passives. The passives obviously wont be from a visual standpoint but the augments will have racial influences which you will see before you hit the secondary class augments.

Q: Will the political features of the node expand after launch? With princes/courts etc?
A: I dont want to reveal our expansion plans, but one of the key development designs is that its going to be one of the primary vehicles of expansion and updates. We’re going in with the understanding that we’ll be utilizing the node system to upgrade content. You’re going to have areas, points of interests, skill updates, class updates, but asides from those things, the node changes with expansions/updates is what changes the majority of things and yes keeping that in mind, post launch nodes will see heavy updates.

Q: Will each races have unique language/dialect that other races cannot understand?
A: No. Language system is not in our roadmap. And we dont see it being a feature.

Q: You mentioned the tulnar having a caste system, and how it might affect tulnar players?
A: The caste system affects the lore of the Tulnar, not sure about the mechanical standpoint or normal game mechanic systems, but from a lore standpoint, it came from the diversity of the various races that came together to make the tulnar.

Q: Are you planning on an in-game roleplay toolset?
A: From a platform perspective, I love those types of features and are important for immersive gameplay, I think it’s a great flavour for what MMORPG’s are meant to be as I think it enhances the general gameplay. From our perspective, the more features we can include the better. I’ve enjoyed them in the past and would like to accomplish what we can. But right now, we’re focused on the foundation. If not for launch, maybe after launch.

Q: Will there be custom text emotes?
A: No, no plans for that. But we haven’t deep dive discussed emotes yet.

Q: Will there be some rolling features.
A:There will be some rolling features.

Q: If I go up against 2–3 players alone, what’s the chance that I’ll be able to outplay them?
A: Are you asking what role does Level/Class composition and gear play against the variance of skill, okay, so right now can’t give a hard number specifically. From a balance perspective, I want to take all of them into account as each of them is important. Especially with skill being important for Action and class composition matters for the holy trinity playing a role, gear composition is indicative of progression and time in the game. So we want to make sure each is relevant, cannot give a hard number though.

Q: How will the Hawkey be different from the Predator like in Apocalypse?
A: It depends on how you build those classes. I don’t want to say here is the hawkey and here is the predator, we want them to go in multiple paths. Predator is more stealthy and burst capability, whereas the hawkey will keep his distance and lay down consistent DPS. The idea isnt that there’s a set path, but that the player has customization over the role they want to play in PvE or PvP. Regardless of class, you have roles like backline supports or frontline tanks or the dps line that’s taking down the supports. The idea behind the trinity system and class counterplay is that you’ll have certain classes that excel at certain types of roles and how you can perform what you’re best trying to achieve. So no specific cookie cutter definitions.

Q: Could you talk about the mentor system which you mentioned last year? Like building reputation etc.
A: There will be tracking systems for contributions amongst players. One of the key issues that MMORPG’s have is the start date where if players don’t join near the start, they are unable to get into it and one of the reasons for that is because MMOs have starting area dilemma where after release the starting areas become empty/dead zone and in a genre where socializing is a big part of it, it affects it a lot. It’s why Ashes of Creation will maintain relevancy throughout the lifecycle of the MMORPG as due to the node system players will keep coming back for questlines etc, so when new players come in, they will see a bustling city. Ofcourse new players will not experience the rush and the race at the start, but instead they experience the history of the server and are able to define its future. The mentorship is meant to capitalize on this feature and incentivize players that are more established to help newer players or alt accounts. We’ll have some safeguards so they don’t game the system.

Q: Can bounties be put on a particular ship?
A: That’s a great idea that we discussed about 3 years ago to be placed on buildings etc. But for ships, yeah that’s a cool system that interacts with the community. No plans for that yet, but expansion stuff is what its great for. One of the good things about open development is you get to take ideas from the community.

Q: Will vessel/ship skins be locked to sizes like small/large etc like canoe skins only for small ships etc.
A: Yes, there are size restrictions. We have to specify specific classes of vessels so yes size value is assigned to different ships.

Q: How will summons work in game/
A: 4 different types-

    1. Mount summons – Summoned from inventory
    2. Cosmetic pets – Look pretty, activated via cosmetic pet slot.
    3. Battle pet summon – Will take a portion of your power and portion of your EXP. We wont have it give y. Its to give the player a horizontal power slider to give them benefits.
    4. Summoner pets – The primary feature is through summons, some classes will have one, some will have multiple. Its a vertical slide of power that adds to your power and you gain access to stronger summons as you level up.

Q: If mobs drop materials, what gives coin?
A: Quests, taxations, services like player run businesses, selling goods to a shop, redemption of our ticket system. I don’t want monsters to drop coins, maybe bandits, but not wolfs/bunnies dropping coins as it doesn’t make sense. Instead particular monsters will drop items that is marked as a certificate or ticket like wolf claws or bunny tails (droppable so if you die you drop them) so you can turn these into your local node at the hunters lodge to get coin. So you can hold onto these materials or tickets and turn them in farther away node for more money. Or hold onto them for a longer time and sell when the price goes up. (Similar to Amazon’s New world talisman system)

Q: If Steven is still running a guild in AoC, which node type would you have your members join?
A: First I want to say, I will not join a guild or run any guild in AoC. But if I was a guild leader, I would not reveal that answer.

Q: What’s the newest feature idea that has been added that we havent heard about?
A: From a feature standpoint, we try to have them as defined as possible internally so we can assign them as tasks to the development process. So the newest feature would’ve been a loooong time ago. Dont know the answer to that one.

Q: Can we expect to see more rendered gear/items/cosmetics/buildings?
A: That’s what Margaret and the community team is focused on – Steady schedule for releases, so you’ll definitely see more renders as we go forward since I know its in the schedule, no dates though.

Q: Any plans to have Ashes of Creation coffee mugs?
A: We’ll be revamping our merchandize and adding to it, but that will be post Alpha 1. Our current entire momentum is focusing on Alpha 1. From a merch standpoint, we want to do all the testing and alpha 1 first and then move to marketing etc.

Q: Is there any plans to have a penguin or penguin variant cosmetic pet?
A: There’s definitely biomes that offer various pets, so there might be something along the lines or features of what might be considered a penguin.


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