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3/26/21 Livestream Transcript

March 26th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid Studios provides project status update and progress towards NDA lift. Quick Updates: Game Engine has been upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.26. New hiring phase coming up soon. Might hold a job fair to recruit. True…


2/26/21 Livestream Transcript

February 26th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid Studios shares development update towards the March Milestone. Quick Updates: New February website update is live: Working on a ‘True Raid Boss’ with multiple phases for the alpha. New Studio move is currently slated…


1/29/21 Livestream Transcript

January 29th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid Studios shares development update towards to February Milestone. Quick Updates: Alpha 1 pack sales might be reopened at the end of February. Next playtest is scheduled for February 19th. The game is currently planned to…


12/22/20 Livestream Transcript

December 22nd Livestream Transcription – Intrepid Studios shares Alpha 1 progress updates and first look at the new UI changes. Reminders: Monthly cosmetic swapover (in regards to The Under the Frost items) is scheduled for 13 January 2021, 11AM PST. Upcoming…


11/30/20 Livestream Transcript

November 30th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid Studios shares New Alpha 1 Biome update and Elder Dragon previews Quick Updates: Alpha 0 Island has been replaced by the Alpha 1 Map. New Zone/Biome underway for upcoming test. Huge character stat revamp underway…


11/16/20 Livestream Transcript

November 16th Livestream Transcription – Steven joins the Ashes Pathfinders Podcast for their 100th Episode. Check out their Youtube: Check out their Twitch: Simurgh: What influences did you draw from and feel that they have directly contributed to the…


10/30/20 Livestream Transcript

October 30th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid Studios shares a developer update and announces Halloween Contest winners. Quick Updates: 24-Hour Extra Life Stream on November 7th. Halloween Contest winners announced (See Below) Alpha 1 Testing roadmap. (Subject to change) Engineering Team Update:…


9/30/20 Livestream Transcript

September 30th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid Studios shares update on aquatic and underwater mounts, naval content and progress update towards Alpha 1. Quick Updates: Halloween Contest soon, winners will obtain Alpha 1 keys. We have filled 20 out of 24 positions…


8/28/20 Livestream Transcript

August 28th Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios shares early Hybrid Combat, progress updates and discusses plans for the year. (The majority of this stream was a video update, I’d recommend watching it to see the combat etc.) Quick Updates: We’ve moved…


7/31/20 Livestream Transcript

July 31st Livestream Transcription – Intrepid studios covers multiple areas of the game’s development and provides a studio update. Quick Updates: Leader of Men + Phoenix Initiative test is due for the end of August. (Kickstarter Backers) 2 years ago we…

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